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Build an ecosystem of partners and modernize your technology to fill any gaps in your current business


In the last couple of years specifically, we’ve seen a 40% year-over-year growth in user number and customers along with revenue.

Michael Frisby

Managing Director, Cobweb

Use Case | 3 min read
Manage your own catalog to include third-party products
You’re currently managing your catalog in a fragmented fashion, using multiple inefficient tools like spreadsheets
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Use Case | 3 min read
Simplify how your teams purchase software and tools
You’re facing serious challenges as your internal business units are beginning to bypass IT to acquire the tools and software they need
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Use Case | 3 min read
Build and quickly scale your Microsoft business
To open up new revenue streams, you have considered adding Microsoft 365 and Azure to your portfolio of offerings
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Accelerate your business with these CloudBlue solutions

6 things that make CloudBlue different
Extensibility with any system
CloudBlue can integrate with any homegrown or third-party commerce system, subscription management system or ERP tools through RESTful APIs.
Omni-product management
Onboard, bundle, manage and define all the products in your portfolio, from technology goods to SaaS, IaaS and XaaS.
Multi-cloud orchestration
Develop, orchestrate and deploy application templates and offer application-centric management services across public, private and hybrid clouds from one platform.
Proven IaaS expertise and tools
Use industry-leading IaaS expertise and tools to build your IaaS practice and access a portfolio of end-to-end IaaS services to offer your customers.
Ecosystem management
Join the CloudBlue ecosystem or build your own community from one platform, where you can manage all your vendors, partners, resellers and products from one place.
Unmatched global scale
Take advantage of the largest cloud ecosystem with 80K resellers, potential access to 2B customers, and 30M cloud subscriptions across 200 leading brand customers.

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