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CloudBlue is your end-to-end solution for managing and scaling your subscription business. Think of it as a digital marketplace that lets you offer, sell, and manage any subscription-based service, in multiple languages and currencies. 

CloudBlue makes it easy to configure and sell your own products as well as adding top global SaaS and IaaS vendors like Adobe, DropBox and Microsoft to your portfolio helping you to expand your reach.

Your success is our blueprint

With CloudBlue, enjoy the simplicity and uniformity of a single platform to sell, procure, and manage the lifecycle of all cloud services.
Our monetization platform is employed by the World’s largest distributers, digital service providers, managed service providers and software companies delivering services to more than 2 billion end-users utilizing Microsoft Azure and 24/7 monitoring for optimal availability anywhere in the world.

One platform, infinite possibilities

With CloudBlue, enjoy the simplicity and uniformity of a single platform to sell, procure, and manage the lifecycle of all cloud services. Its intuitive design means a shorter learning curve, allowing your team to master it swiftly without the need for specialization in different vendor portals. 

CloudBlue isn’t just a platform; it’s your partner in growth, offering a procurement engine that accommodates your contracts while allowing purchases from ISVs and distributors. Manage SKU updates, price changes, and subscription renewals effortlessly, with automated provisioning and invoicing to boot. With comprehensive analytics and reporting, every decision you make is informed, efficient, and accurate.

Unwavering Security Commitment 

Security isn’t just a feature; it’s ingrained in our DNA. Operating on zero trust principles, CloudBlue provides a secure experience with compliance certifications including ISO, SOC 1, and SOC 2. 

Every transaction is safeguarded, with extensive data privacy, masking, and GDPR compliance mechanisms in place, ensuring your data’s residency and auditability requirements are always met.

High Availability and Support

We commit to offering high availability (99.9% uptime) with SLAs and robust operational governance. Expect thoroughly tested deployment procedures that adhere to global data access and privacy standards. 

The CloudBlue support team is here to provide assistance whenever you require help or guidance, ensuring your needs are met promptly.

Analytics and Reporting

In the era of data-driven decisions, CloudBlue stands out as a beacon of insight. It doesn’t just aggregate data; it makes it accessible, understandable, and actionable. From detailed analytics with strategic vendors to custom reporting modules, every piece of data you need is available at your fingertips, ready to be integrated into your analytic systems. 

With future developments like data meshes, anticipate rich dashboards and visualizations that offer deep insights into various business aspects.

Start monetizing with CloudBlue

Join the world’s leading brands that trust us for monetization. With CloudBlue, you don’t just stay current; you stay ahead. Explore the unlimited possibilities and start your journey to streamlined subscription management and unparalleled growth today.

CloudBlue platform features

Create Custom Catalogs

CloudBlue’s versatile platform gives you the power to create your own custom offering for your customers using your branding. List and manage your own products, or/and choose from a diverse catalog of over 400+ products.

Create Bundled Solutions

Create custom bundled solutions combining complimentary products that are tailored to the needs of your customers.

Easy Automation

CloudBlue is the procurement engine behind your business’s growth: bring your own, pre-negotiated contracts, purchase directly from ISVs, or indirectly through distributors.

Global Reach

CloudBlue delivers a robust, enterprise-level platform that supports multiple tiers, languages, and currencies, empowering your business growth.

Streamline Subscription Management

The CloudBlue platform handles all SKU updates across your Vendors, price changes in any currency, and subscription renewals.

Automated Provisioning and Invoicing

CloudBlue provides automated provisioning capabilities for ordered services. With fully automated invoicing – including proration, refunds and reconciliation.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

CloudBlue’s automated reconciliation and revenue recognition provides for fast, efficient and accurate reporting and analytics.

API Integrations

Connect & streamline your back office systems using the CloudBlue APIs to provide a fully automated ordering process. Bring together existing systems and let us help you scale your business processes.

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