Automating the whole ordering and fulfillment lifecycle across the supply chain with A1 Digital.

Company: A1 Digital

Industry: Telecommunications

Headquarters: Austria

Operating Countries: 12 countries globally

Employees: 180

Revenue: $5.0B


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A1 Digital had to build a supply chain ready to support a multi-tiered, multichannel marketplace.

The ordering and fulfillment lifecycle is built up of many core tasks including vendor onboarding, adding solutions and calculating subscription costs. The ability to automate these processes was key for A1 Digital, yet doing so for a multi-tiered, multichannel marketplace was creating layers of development complexity that was costing valuable time in the short-term and risking marketplace viability in the long-term.

It needed a way to solve its automation challenge and create a sustainable B2B marketplace while keeping development costs and timeframes manageable.

“It works smoothly and easily, which was amazing.”

Herwig Kaltenhauser
Head of Cloud Automation Platform Technology


A1 has automated 95% of its use-cases, so service delivery can match customer demand.


A1 has reduced the complexity of its multi-level marketplace and lowered development costs.


By saving critical development time, A1 was able to launch a B2B marketplace in only 6 months.


A1 rapidly aggregated its business operations across 12 countries in Europe and Latin America.


A1 Digital partnered with CloudBlue to ease the scaling of its business operations in Europe and Latin America. With operations unified using CloudBlue’s platform, A1 Digital could access a 360 view of its business, reduce cascading processes and unify commerce activities across different currencies, languages, and customer billing specifications.

CloudBlue’s off-the-shelf automations were applied from this new, centralized viewpoint, allowing A1 Digital to tackle multiple processes at once and saving time when onboarding new products or adding new solutions. This created a functional solution for the majority of use-cases, allowing the company to focus its valuable development time on custom integrations that served the unique needs of its B2B marketplace.


A product catalog with 200+ vendors

helps A1 Digital reduce the complexity of multi-subsidiary SaaS and IaaS procurement across its marketplace while improving its market offering.

CloudBlue Platform

automates billing cycles for A1 Digital and can handle custom pricing, multi-country subscriptions and multi-currency calculations.


Herwig Kaltenhauser
Head of Cloud Automation Platform Technology

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