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Industry: Managed Service Providers

Operating Countries: Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark – 25 offices in 5 countries


“The CloudBlue portal lets us deliver services at the right time and the right price”

Kristoffer Bradqvist
Head of Marketplace, Advania

Automating XaaS bundles

Advania offers its customers a wide range of leading cloud services and newly released business solutions as a Workplace as a Service Provider.

Yet its ambition to keep pace with the latest services was creating roadblocks. Advania experienced a lack of centralization that hindered innovation. The more the team tried to expand its service offering to meet customer expectations and improve retention rates, the more time and resources it needed to negotiate
terms with each service provider and integrate products.

Advania was looking for a new way to provision cloud services to preserve its position as a trusted partner. The right solution needed to balance the ability to offer the right “fit” for each customer with the flexibility offered by “off-the-shelf” public marketplaces. It also needed a powerful back-end commerce engine to simplify operations.


Consolidated contracts, billing, and invoicing mean less manual administration for Advania and faster time to revenue


Centralized and automated sales and fulfillment processes help Advania focus more attention on their customers and their innovation

Business Intelligence

Advania unlocked high-value business intelligence through the new real-time self-service platform


Advania can improve customer experience through their flexibility and variety of offerings, with CloudBlue’s product catalog. This differentiates it from competitors, and increases loyalty and retention


Advania worked with CloudBlue to deliver its vision of Workplace as a Service. With a product catalog containing 200+ flagship XaaS solutions, Advania could immediately increase the range of solutions on offer to its customers. When a specific product was required, automated vendor onboarding and simplified subscription billing solved the challenge of integrating new providers while still having the flexibility of a single monthly subscription fee for customers.

Through the CloudBlue Platform, Advania has been able to centralize and automate a number of its business processes and offer customers a self-service portal. Both of these changes helped to free up the invaluable time of Advania’s in-house experts so they can spend more time on their main objective – customer intimacy.

Advania Solutions


CloudBlue helped Advania to reduce complexity through consolidated contracts, billing and invoicing. Its customized branded portal makes it simple for customers to browse and buy. With a tailored approach to customers’ needs and the ability to launch products more quickly, Advania saw its retention rates and turnover transform:

  • 98.5% of all top customers now choose to renew their contracts
  • Churn rate fell to less than 1% over the last three years
  • Growth from a $1 million business to a $10 million business in 3 years
  • Largest Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Azure reseller in the Nordics

Omni-product management

allows Advania to seamlessly deliver new fast-growing recurring revenue streams. Bundled, orchestrated and delivered on time.

Multi-vendor procurement & fulfilment

allow Advania to easily onboard 3rd party vendors, and create tailored bundles to satisfy specific customer needs.

CloudBlue has unleashed unprecedented business intelligence

that Advania can use to meet customer needs more accurately and focus on customer retention.


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