Leverage the full potential of the CloudBlue platform, explore our solutions tailored to your needs by objective, industry or use case.

By Use Case

Automate your Adobe Business

Maintain your uniqueness by automating your Adobe business processes.

Enhance your Microsoft NCE Business

Unlock the full potential of automating your Microsoft NCE business.

Accelerate your AWS Business

Drive revenue growth by streamlining your AWS business operations.

Optimize your Azure Business

Implement automation in your Azure operations to maintain a competitive edge.

Simplify your Hybrid Cloud Operations

Streamline your hybrid cloud operations through automation and minimize management tasks.

Expand your Cloud Portfolio

Boost your recurring income while addressing the changing demands of your customers.

Create IT Bundles

Create cutting-edge IT bundles tailored to meet the varied requirements of your clientele.

Build White Label Marketplaces

Get ready to expand your product’s outreach and undergo exponential growth.

Offer Storefronts to Resellers

Boost your market presence by extending and fortifying your reseller network.

Centralize Cloud Provisioning

Streamline your cloud provisioning through a unified platform and boost your profitability.

By Objective

Subscription & Billing

Simplify and automate the complex end-to-end ordering process.

Catalog Management

Create detailed product offers with attractive solutions bundles.

Reseller Management

Grow your channel with complete management of your n-tier resellers.

Co-sell with Hyperscalers

Publish products on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platform.

Ecosystem Marketplace

Procure, purchase, and sell products globally in various currencies and languages.

By Industry


Be a modern digital service provider by offering value-added SaaS solutions.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Automate processes and focus on product demand, innovative solutions and service delivery.

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Go to market faster, effortlessly tap into new segments and streamline operations.

Technology Vendors

Expand your market share with a dynamic partner ecosystem you create using CloudBlue.

Discover the CloudBlue Platform

With CloudBlue you can easily procure, sell, manage, and invoice all your subscription services on one fully automated, enterprise grade XaaS subscription marketplace platform.

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