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Operating Countries: 21 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and APAC


“CloudBlue has been absolutely amazing. They supported us every step of the way.”

Rik Hubbard
Cloud Services Director, Exertis UK

Empowering a multi-tiered, digital network of fully automated cloud marketplaces

Exertis needed to launch and scale their cloud platform, fast. But how could they possibly integrate quickly enough? The Exertis group is made up of a large amount of acquired companies that all come with their own different IT infrastructures: on-premises, off-premises, SAP, and in-house solutions.

In an increasingly complex cloud environment, during the pandemic, and with no in-house knowledge of Cloud, Exertis needed a solution to support their digital transformation within a very ambitious timeline.


Exertis can enable its subsidiaries to work with CloudBlue as a completely standalone solution


Through CloudBlue, Exertis can manage 1000’s of SKUs from their biggest vendors, while also automating issues like licensing, seat count, and billing


With CloudBlue, Exertis has been able to speed up the process of finding and onboarding new vendors


Exertis uses CloudBlue as a central platform to manage the heavy lifting, so they can keep a light touch environment with their disparate ERP systems


Rather than pour time and resources into full-integration, Exertis decided to create a federated environment in which each of their subsidiaries could treat CloudBlue as a completely standalone environment. The Exertis team runs CloudBlue as a central platform and keep a very light touch environment with their subsidiaries.

Exertis used CloudBlue to cut through the complexity of vendor portfolios with potentially 1000s of SKUs. This allowed them to focus on helping their resellers sell and simplify their task of managing a huge catalog.

They were also able to fully automate their billing processes, saving time, resources and money.

Exertis Solution


With CloudBlue, Exertis has been able to customize vendors and software into simple logical structures. This has made it possible for them to serve their resellers more quickly, reducing time spent on the portal. This means Exertis partners can focus on selling and creating predictable recurring revenue.

Through CloudBlue’s white-labeled storefronts, Exertis has been able to meet increased demand for customization of cloud marketplaces. This allows them to offer improved flexibility, credibility and sense of ownership to their customers.

With CloudBlue, Exertis has also been able to cut time-consuming catalog management tasks down to half a day. Even when complex vendors like Microsoft bring something new to the market, Exertis can have it live and available for their resellers to sell almost immediately.

Launching a digital marketplace

has allowed Exertis to streamline end-to-end management of subscriptions, including the customization of the platform, billing, and branding.

Leveraging CloudBlue’s ‘One-to-many’ capabilities

has enabled Exertis to reskin the CloudBlue solution, and also offer its channel partners their own white-labeled cloud market environment.

Product Information Management

has allowed Exertis to streamline listings & pricing, reducing the complexity of managing an enterprise level catalog.


Rik Hubbard
Cloud Services Director, Exertis UK


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