Expand your
cloud portfolio

Boost your recurring income while addressing the changing demands of your customers.

Augment your cloud portfolio with a comprehensive range of more than 430 solutions

Looking to increase your recurring revenue and meet evolving customer demands? CloudBlue’s catalog management is the solution for you. It allows service providers to access our extensive catalog of 430+ cloud solutions while reducing total cost of ownership and accelerating your time to market. 

How do our partners do this? Our solution makes onboarding new vendors a breeze – all through one single API into the CloudBlue monetization platform. 

CloudBlue allows you to handle a wide array of capabilities using our catalog management solution. These include:


Invite and onboard new vendors and suppliers to expand your catalog

Vendor management

Manage vendors, suppliers, and partners centrally and deliver a wide range of offerings

Centralized catalog management

Manage your catalog of products or services online and publish them across multi-country, multi-tier channel systems while reducing complexity and time to market.

Contract management

Manage a personalized e-commerce storefront to list products while offering trial options, promotions, and features for product comparison and search.

Product information management (PIM)

Configure all of your product definitions and information in one place.

List your portfolio across your marketplaces

Effortlessly boost your online presence by listing products on your various marketplaces – easily define and manage product descriptions to meet different market requirements, create personalized promotional offers with customizable billing and consumption periods.

CloudBlue Solutions

Subscription & Billing

Simplify and automate the complex end-to-end ordering process.

Catalog Management

Create detailed product offers with attractive solutions bundles.

Reseller Management

Grow your channel with complete management of your n-tier resellers.

Co-sell with Hyperscalers

Publish products on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platform.

Ecosystem Marketplace

Procure, purchase, and sell products globally in various currencies and languages.

Are you prepared to elevate your cloud portfolio to new heights?

In today’s dynamic business landscape, seizing opportunities for expansion in the cloud is essential for staying competitive. Discover how our comprehensive suite of services and cutting-edge technologies can empower your organization to scale, innovate, and thrive in the ever-evolving cloud ecosystem.

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