Create innovative IT bundles and market them as subscriptions

Create cutting-edge IT bundles tailored to meet the varied requirements of your clientele.

Enrich your core solution with subscription bundles

Do you want to enrich your own solutions and IP? Are you interested in bundling your first party solutions with one of our 430+ solutions? We’ve got you covered. 

Add your own IP to your custom catalog and combine it with third party solutions using CloudBlue’s catalog management solution. 

Attract new customers without increasing your TCO and craft new compelling solutions to cater to your customer needs.

Seamless bundling

Bundle your solutions along with our extensive set of 430+ products and publish them across multi-country, multi-tier channel systems while reducing complexity and time to market.

Vendor management

Manage vendors, suppliers, and partners centrally and deliver a wide range of offerings.

Centralized catalog management

Manage your catalog of products or services online and publish them across multi-country, multi-tier channel systems while reducing complexity and time to market.

Contract management

Easily create, define and manage your customer agreements including the ability to accepted, rejected or terminate business.

Product information management (PIM)

Configure all of your product definitions and information in one place.

Monetize through customization

Crafting subscription bundles empowers you to customize your solutions according to your customers’ specific needs, facilitating more effective cross-selling, up-selling, and faster introduction of new offerings to the market than ever before. 

To sum it up, our solution is meticulously designed to provide you with the necessary tools for effectively managing and expanding your product portfolio while enhancing your presence in the market.

CloudBlue Solutions

Subscription & Billing

Simplify and automate the complex end-to-end ordering process.

Catalog Management

Create detailed product offers with attractive solutions bundles.

Reseller Management

Grow your channel with complete management of your n-tier resellers.

Co-sell with Hyperscalers

Publish products on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platform.

Ecosystem Marketplace

Procure, purchase, and sell products globally in various currencies and languages.

Are you ready to pioneer innovative IT bundles?

Ready to take IT solutions to the next level? With our platform, you can easily craft innovative IT bundles that cater to the diverse needs of your customers. These dynamic packages offer a fresh approach to technology solutions, enabling you to stand out in a competitive market.

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