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Looking to grow your AWS business by automating day-to-day AWS operations? CloudBlue’s monetization platform is the solution for you. CloudBlue leverages AWS APIs to manage and automate a comprehensive range of AWS capabilities. 

Whether it’s dealing with obstacles such as manual customer onboarding, insufficient self-service capabilities for transferring AWS accounts, or addressing problems with billing reconciliation, CloudBlue addresses all these challenges and emerge as your all-encompassing, definitive solution. 

CloudBlue allows AWS partners to automate a wide array of capabilities in AWS. These include:

Seamless provisioning

Dynamically assess customer attributes and eligibility for newly created or transferred accounts.


Manage invoices with service-level grouping for easy access.


Manage diverse types of billing, including one-time, usage-based, recurring, and installments.

Tailored pricing

Ability for AWS solution provider program partners to define custom markup/margins globally.

Partners Supported

CloudBlue caters to a diverse set of partners engaged in various AWS programs and employing distinct channel strategies and these include:

With CloudBlue, you can access AWS through syndication (a distributor-specific agreement), with a vast catalog of more than 400 products at your disposal.

Supported AWS Software

These are just a handful of supported products, we have an extensive AWS software catalog.

Amazon EC2
Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3)
Amazon Aurora
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon RDS
AWS Lambda
Amazon VPC
Amazon Lightsail
Amazon SageMaker

CloudBlue Solutions

Subscription & Billing

Simplify and automate the complex end-to-end ordering process.

Catalog Management

Create detailed product offers with attractive solutions bundles.

Reseller Management

Grow your channel with complete management of your n-tier resellers.

Co-sell with Hyperscalers

Publish products on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platform.

Ecosystem Marketplace

Procure, purchase, and sell products globally in various currencies and languages.

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Partnering with CloudBlue offers you the transformative power to automate your AWS business, revolutionize your operations, and stay ahead in today’s dynamic market. With our cutting-edge solutions and expert guidance, you can harness the full potential of automation to drive efficiency, scalability, and profitability. Start your journey towards a more agile and prosperous AWS business today with CloudBlue.

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