Connect all your systems and integrate your vendors to automate your entire workflow process.


CloudBlue Connectors are at the heart of our capabilities and are crucial bridges linking leading vendors with our platform. These connectors not only facilitate the incorporation of your existing vendor contracts into CloudBlue but also empower you to expand your reach through our syndication partnerships. Designed with precision, our Connectors seamlessly introduce vendor products into your catalog, paving the way for enhanced monetization of your platform. 

We offer a wide array of Connectors tailored to meet diverse needs. Explore our extensive list, each designed to bring unique vendor products into your catalog and drive your platform’s monetization.

Pre-built Connectors

Opt for our ready-made connectors to provision and manage goods and services efficiently. These pre-designed connectors allow for straightforward integration with both internal and external systems, employing a low-code/no-code approach for ease of use.

Custom connectors

For those seeking more tailored solutions, our Software Development Kit (SDK) is at your service allowing you to develop connectors for any vendor or application outside our existing catalog, meeting your specific ordering, provisioning, and billing requirements.


CloudBlue Extensions serve to automate various business operations, enhance communication with your partners, and simplify numerous other processes. With a catalog of extensions at your disposal, the possibilities for streamlined operations are endless.

Through the intelligent use of Extensions, you can execute multi-account integrations, allowing for the compilation and transfer of data from various accounts within your commerce system to different vendors. Take advantage of native integrations with supported CloudBlue systems and automate your Go-To-Market strategies efficiently with Extensions.

Along with our robust suite of pre-built Extensions, we also provide the ability for you to “bring your own extension” via our extensive toolkits and libraries available.

We have developed several Extensions to seamlessly incorporate your CloudBlue data into your overall Tech Stack. Below are just some of the Extensions currently available with more being added on a regular basis.

Dynamics 365
Autotask PSA
Syncro PSA
ConnectWise PSA

CloudBlue APIs

Ready to take control of your CloudBlue experience and develop custom incorporations into your tech stack? With CloudBlue you can harness the power of our open platform using an extensive and thoroughly documented set of APIs. These tools provide the capability to integrate with various systems, including ERP, CRM, and other essential records systems, allowing for seamless and effective data management and invoicing processes.

CloudBlue Commerce

The cornerstone for cloud service integration, our Commerce API, leverages the Application Packaging Standard (APS) for a smooth integration process. This setup allows ISVs to broaden their market reach significantly.

CloudBlue Connect

For those requiring in-depth access to the Connect Platform’s functionalities, the Connect REST API is your go-to solution. It forms the foundational layer upon which other integration methods, like Portals, SDKs, and Extensions, are built.

CloudBlue Solutions

Subscription & Billing

Simplify and automate the complex end-to-end ordering process.

Catalog Management

Create detailed product offers with attractive solutions bundles.

Reseller Management

Grow your channel with complete management of your n-tier resellers.

Co-sell with Hyperscalers

Publish products on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platform.

Ecosystem Marketplace

Procure, purchase, and sell products globally in various currencies and languages.

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