XaaS the Mic Podcast

XaaS the Mic: Spotlight on Dyanix


Episode Summary

Welcome to XaaS the Mic, a CloudBlue podcast all about the world of XaaS or Everything as a Service.

In this episode, we speak with Dyanix’s Director of strategic Partnership, Cheryl Barker about a wide range of topics including the importance of marketplaces, the decision to utilize CloudBlue’s ecosystem instead of developing their own, and how Dyanix has collaborated with CloudBlue to create an innovative digital marketplace that is shaping the future.

Cheryl Barker as she sheds light on how Dyanix’s solutions have become more versatile and customer-focused. Their marketplace features key solutions like Linkando, Workspace 365, and Apty, that are shaping the future.

For Dyanix, this move into CloudBlue’s ecosystem isn’t just about growth – it’s about supporting their partners by seamlessly integrating their solutions into a user-friendly online hub. Simplifying purchasing, streamlining administrative tasks, and fostering collaboration with our value-added approach.

Dyanix is a leading solutions provider that serves more than 4000 partners across Europe with hardware, software and services solutions focusing on digital transformation.


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