CloudBlue Welcomes AvePoint to GTM Program


Creating strategic partnerships and accelerating the right business opportunities with CloudBlue is our business. For this reason, we recognize that outdated business models and processes continue to hamper business growth during the pandemic. Many intellectual property (IP) owners are struggling with on-site partner development activities and ambiguity around new acquisitions and launch uncertainties.

As a result, cloud service providers (CSPs), facing an overwhelming number of vendors approaching them, want their enablement digitized and accelerated.

This is why we have revamped CloudBlue’s GTM Fast-Track program, which now fully digitizes the end-to-end partner enablement process and reduces cost and time-to-market for IP owners, and accelerates time-to-revenue for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) with targeted campaign sprints and full GTM enablement.

Moreover, we are proud to announce that we are adding AvePoint, the largest data management independent software vendor for Microsoft 365, to the prestigious program.

AvePoint, a five-time winner of the Global Microsoft Partner of the Year award, will leverage our hyperscale platform to launch and manage an omni-product, multi-channel marketplace to accelerate its indirect business—a major priority for the now publicly traded company.

CloudBlue designed the GTM Fast-Track Program to empower partners and help them overcome the myriad of growth challenges they face today. Utilizing our hyperconnected ecosystem, for example, AvePoint will expand its collaborative efforts with key service providers and telecommunication operators, which will allow AvePoint to rapidly increase adoption of its collaboration security platform.

AvePoint currently offers the only full suite of software as a service (SaaS) solutions to migrate, manage, and protect data in Microsoft 365. More than seven million cloud users, including a quarter of the Fortune 500, rely on AvePoint’s solutions.

In the view of Tarik Faouzi, CloudBlue’s Senior Vice President, the program is designed to empower vendors to scale their channel businesses in half the time it would normally take on their own.

“We are excited to help AvePoint grow its partner network so more end-users can take advantage of their digital collaboration security platform, which is vital for the evolving hybrid workplace,” Tarik said.

Joining the GTM Fast-Track program will expedite AvePoint’s growth into new and existing markets across the diverse CloudBlue footprint of more than 80,000 partners globally. Additionally, the program contributes to efforts related to strategy, channel mapping, business development, multi-vendor value proposition execution, and sales enablement.

“Modern partners and end customers evaluate, procure and consume technology in a variety of ways to meet their business-critical needs and financial goals today,” said Jason Beal, AvePoint Senior Vice President of Global Channel and Partner Ecosystems.

“As members of the CloudBlue GTM Fast-Track program, our technology is quickly available to both partners and end-users around the world in a frictionless and seamless manner,” Jason added.

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