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Multi-Cloud Orchestrator streamlines IaaS application and workload deployments across your private, hybrid and public cloud stack from a single dashboard.

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  • Innovate faster

    Build your solutions with application templates, and deploy applications more quickly with automated tools and preconfigured blueprints. Save more time by managing multiple cloud environments from one platform.

  • Improve efficiencies

    Cut down on resources spent on provisioning, deployment, billing and more. Plus, increase your productivity by streamlining operations and avoiding the overhead costs of having multiple architects manage multiple cloud platforms.

  • Increase revenue opportunities

    Expand your portfolio with prebuilt solutions, and build your own unique IaaS co-sell solutions. You can also offer scalable solutions across multiple cloud platforms.

Deliver multi-cloud management

A unified dashboard allows you to manage resources and deployments across your public, private and hybrid cloud stacks from a single pane of glass.

Create consumer-ready IaaS offers

Develop custom-built infrastructure solutions and services, and
create product listings for them through
CloudBlue Connect to showcase them on your
e-commerce storefront.


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Develop and deploy unique IaaS solutions faster with CloudBlue Multi-Cloud Orchestrator.

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Deploy applications and infrastructure across your public, hybrid and private cloud stack using modern infrastructure automation tools.

  • Define and automate solution delivery ​
  • Minimize manual deployments
  • Manage resources from one dashboard
  • Leverage container technology on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and more
  • Deploy solutions faster
  • Launch virtual machines

Use ready-made templates to run and provision infrastructure resources across multiple clouds.

  • Leverage Chef and RedHat’s Ansible Automation Platform​
  • Accelerate deployments with infrastructure as code
  • Build application and solution templates to scale deployments​
  • Run scripts and blueprints with a built-in command line interface
  • Use predefined deployment blueprints

Multi-Cloud Orchestrator is integrated with both CloudBlue Commerce and CloudBlue Connect platforms.

  • Use single sign-on (SSO)
  • Easily interchange application definitions and packages with CloudBlue Connect​
  • Publish your custom-built infrastructure solutions on CloudBlue Commerce​
  • Automate usage collection
  • Reconcile infrastructure resource consumption through CloudBlue Commerce

Easily switch to a DevOps model and accelerate your application and solution delivery with more quality.

  • Support your CI/CD software and application delivery pipeline​
  • Easily make the switch to a DevOps-based model​
  • Manage application lifecycle from testing through versioning and releases​

What makes CloudBlue different?

Hyperscale platform

Launch, manage and scale your marketplace with omni-product onboarding, multi-tier deployment and multi-cloud orchestration and go-to-market automation.

Multi-cloud orchestration

Develop, orchestrate and deploy application templates and offer application-centric management services across public, private and hybrid clouds from one platform.

Proven IaaS expertise and tools

Use industry-leading IaaS expertise and tools to build your IaaS practice and access a portfolio of end-to-end IaaS services to offer your customers. 

Extensibility with any system

CloudBlue can integrate with any homegrown or third-party commerce system, subscription management system or ERP tools through RESTful APIs.

Custom managed, professional and go-to-market services

Let CloudBlue experts help you deploy and maximize CloudBlue technology for your business needs as well as create a customized go-to-market strategy.

Unmatched global scale

Take advantage of the largest cloud ecosystem with 80K resellers, potential access to 2B customers, and 30M cloud subscriptions across 200 leading brand customers.

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