Live Virtual Event: Global Vendor Roadshow

Oct 13 - Nov 2, 2021

As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), building a complete portfolio that resonates with your customer base and increases your ARPU is key to drive a successful cloud business.

Understanding the opportunities that your regional market has and what are your customers willing to buy is the first step, but knowing how to seize the opportunity will round up the strategy of building your portfolio. 

That’s what you will find in the Global Vendor Roadshow, a 90-minute event with a selected group of ISVs from the GTM Fast-Track Program that will help you understand the opportunity and the strategy for different cloud solutions in your market and how you can cover those opportunities as a CSP. 


This event will take place in 4 different slots depending on the region. Find the time below: 

Asia-Pacific & Japan: Wednesday, October 13th – 23:00 PDT (-1 day) | 08:00 CET | 14:00 SGT | 16:00 AEST | 19:00 NZDT 

North America: Tuesday, November 2nd – 08:00 PDT | 10:00 CDT | 11:00 EDT | 17:00 CET

Europe, Middle East & Africa: Thursday, October 14th – 01:00 PDT | 09:00 BST | 10:00 CET

Latin America: Thursday, October 14th – 08:00 PDT | 10:00 CDT | 11:00 EDT | 17:00 CET 

Adding more value to you 

In addition to the event, CSPs participating will get access after the event to on-demand sessions for strategies and data-driven insights when developing winner portfolios, plus key insights of the select group of ISVs/IP-owners participating in the GTM Fast-Track Program with GTM Enablement content. 

Introduction to the GTM Fast-Track Program     

There are currently over 200,000 ISVs/IP-owners worldwide and Forrester estimates that there will be over 1 million by 2027. With this proliferation of ISVs/IP-owners, creating a winning portfolio with new cloud solutions can be challenging. The GTM Fast-Track Program helps CSPs to create that winning portfolio with solutions that not only fulfill the end-customer needs but add actual value to them. 

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