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“It was a win-win experience for our customer-partner and for VMware to make this move to get us where we are currently with CloudBlue.”

Richard Ramlal
Sr. Technical Program Manager, Business Operations

How did VMware build a thriving partner ecosystem, with CloudBlue?

Innovation and growth in the XaaS industry revolve around open platforms with complementary solutions and services. As such, VMware was on a mission to build a thriving partner ecosystem and needed a core set of solutions that would solve common pain points across the board.

To support scalability across channels, it needed to offer technology that would help its partners automate legacy processes, reduce manual workloads and improve the end-customer experience.

VMware wanted to offer self-service, on-demand solutions, and white-label subscriptions that partners could use to build their own customized bundles. To drive revenue growth across the ecosystem, it needed a way to upload and list global products and maintain changes while reducing the dependency of partners and subsidiaries on a central location.


VMware is able to push products and services to its market in shorter timeframes, allowing a faster time to revenue


VMware has been able to unlock powerful insights that guide the future direction of its service model


End-customers place orders through VMware’s self-service portal to ease workflows for every partner


VMware can list products globally and easily maintain updates with a central system

How did automation help VMware?

Using the CloudBlue platform allowed VMware to build a unified technology infrastructure that supports services on the back end while strengthening integrated and automated end-to-end subscription lifecycle management.

With the CloudBlue platform, VMware created a product-agnostic connector from the order fulfillment system. This enabled a unified billing process for all channel transactions, provided pricing flexibility and supported volume discounts at scale across the ecosystem.

The company offers a unified experience for partners with a single, end-customer portal that provides access to the entire suite of VMware services. The automation starts with order placement, continues with custom notifications and ends with order fulfillment – all combining to create a low-effort, high-result environment.

VMware Workspace One

What were the results?

With CloudBlue, VMware has evolved from the market leader for virtualization and private cloud to the market leader for multi-cloud and digital applications. VMware is helping to build a thriving ecosystem by focusing on simplicity, speed, and customer-centric billing. As an additional result, the company is tapping into new revenue streams across the SMB segment by offering scalable, self-service functionality for end customers and partners.

VMware has now moved from a project-centric to a product-centric model. The new array of analytic data helps the company keep its finger on the pulse of where it needs to position itself, where customers are headed, and how it can help partners meet this demand in the future.

Integration with multi-tier and third-party marketplaces

VMware benefits from endless routes to market. This enables unlimited, self-sustaining growth within the ecosystem.

Customized, subscription-based white-label offerings

allow VMwares’ customers to self-serve and personalize solution bundles.

Automation accelerates growth across the ecosystem

VMware can now upload and list products globally and track changes. This wealth of data is automatically propagated to partners without adding complexity.

VMware Testimonials

Richard Ramlal
Senior Technical Program Manager, VMware

Sara Fernandez
Marketplace Technical Project Manager, VMware

Sid Grover
Senior Group Product Manager, VMware


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