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Bechtle Success Story Part 1: Accelerating product release cycles

“You don’t need to develop anything. Once you decide on a product or vendor, it’s just two or three clicks, and in two minutes, it’s available to sell.”

Thomas Mitzka
Product Manager AWS, Bechtle AG

How did Bechtle expand their product catalog through syndication with CloudBlue?

For more than 35 years, Bechtle has been known as a service-oriented company that is fast, effective, flexible – and always available. But on the cusp of innovation, the company faced the challenge of managing internal digital transformation while maintaining high service standards as it looked to unify cloud procurement.

Manual vendor onboarding exposed Bechtle’s customers to months-long development cycles that severely delayed integrating new products into the market. In addition, maintenance costs across its individual operating units were time-consuming and labor-intensive at scale.

To expand its distribution network and keep costs in check, Bechtle needed a way to connect these business units. And, to continue to be known for speed and flexibility, Bechtle needed to update and automate its supplier onboarding process to keep pace with the latest solutions.

Catalog Expansion

Bechtle has access to hundreds of top B2B solutions by syndicating CloudBlue’s product catalog


Bechtle now has the capability to offer flexible subscription bundles, to meet customer demand

Saved Resources

Bechtle has saved 100,000 resource hours by eliminating the need to develop vendor integrations on a case-by-case basis


New products and services can now easily be shared across the 100 disparate business units within Bechtle


By automating through CloudBlue, Bechtle can solve complex sales and procurement challenges. By syndicating its marketplace, Bechtle can quickly adapt to changing pricing models and simplify back-to-back product management with IT solution providers. This allows the company to continue to scale without the need to constantly update product information or deliver manual configurations for the 40k+ solutions in its growing portfolio.

Bechtle operates through a central unit, a workbench for partners, vendors, and over 100 teams across Europe. CloudBlue eliminated the need to contact or engage with all entities manually. With this unification, Bechtle preserved the autonomy of its separate business units while
supporting the independence and knowledge of each with the choice of a global product solution portfolio.

CloudBlue helped Bechtle significantly accelerate time to market for its ever-growing cloud portfolio while maintaining its customer-approved reputation for speed, accuracy, and service.

Bechtle Solutions


With CloudBlue technology, Bechtle solved the challenge of SaaS and IaaS catalog expansion. By no longer having to integrate and manage each vendor on a case-by-case basis, Bechtle saved hundreds of thousands of resource hours and improved its time to market overall.

Bechtle can now offer its customers incredible choice with access to hundreds of B2B solutions, including top providers such as Azure, Google, and AWS. Individual business units have the freedom to build flexible subscription packages, supported by automated billing and fulfillment from the point of sale.

In this way, Bechtle can stay true to its DNA and maintain its delivery promise of being on site in an hour, re-imagined for a future in the cloud.

Through CloudBlue,

Bechtle provides a full suite of products for office security, licenses, and backup operations, all at a competitive price.

Unified cloud procurement

helps its business units build customer trust. Bechtle can calculate accurate delivery times, make steadfast commitments, and deliver on them.

Automated usage-based billing models and order processing

helps Bechtle to optimize the entire customer lifecycle.


Thomas Mitzka
Product Manager AWS, Bechtle AG


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Bechtle Success Story Part 1: Accelerating product release cycles

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Bechtle Customer Success Story

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