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CloudBlue powers triple-digit growth of Keenondots' IaaS revenue


Based in the Netherlands, Keenondots has built its entire company around the dynamics of cloud services. Keenondots provides a customizable platform as a service (PaaS) for the automation of cloud services. The company automates processes, activates delivery and accelerates business for its customers as they build, manage and grow their cloud businesses.


Provisioning and billing for its services were slow processes. Keenondots recognized that speed-to-market and responding rapidly to changing customer demands was crucial for the long-term success of its IaaS offering. So, it began to investigate cloud infrastructure solutions.


CloudBlue IaaS offerings allow Keenondots to deliver a complete virtual data center with fully integrated deployment and management automation, pay-per-use billing, a customer self-service capability and an online cloud services store.

The Cloudblue difference
Used Solutions & Services:
Multi-Cloud Orchestrator
Laurens van Alphen

“With CloudBlue infrastructure, you can just request a server with a certain configuration and capacity, and in a few clicks, you’re done. Our customers love that simplicity, and so do we. I’m convinced that CloudBlue is the key to building and running an efficient and profitable cloud services business.”

Laurens van Alphen



Created by the reselling of
IaaS services through
channel partners


Revenue for IaaS two years

  • 01
    Streamlined business processes by
    automating IaaS provisioning and billing
    within a single, integrated system
  • 02
    Significantly reduced administrative effort
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