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The future of digital acceleration


Richard Dufty
Richard Dufty


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IDC’s newly released white paper, “The Drive to Digital Native: CloudBlue’s Strategy to Connect the Digital Ecosystem,” stresses the importance for organizations to accelerate their business to become digital-native enterprises (DNE). But what exactly is a DNE?


IDC goes on to describe a DNE as a customer-centric workforce that “embraces risk-taking” and “innovates at a pace that is an order of magnitude greater than traditional businesses.” Simply put, DNEs can outpace the performance of traditional companies in the digital economy.

Moreover, IDC predicts that by 2027, 75% of organizations will have made this shift to become a DNE. And that means if you don’t get on the same path soon, you might get left behind.

Now let’s talk about how to become a DNE. Becoming a DNE goes beyond a digital transformation. Many companies haven’t adopted the tools they need to truly accelerate their businesses to become digital at its core, like a Digital Native Enterprise.

To really activate yourself as a DNE to achieve accelerated business and revenue, requires the adoption of an automated platform that connects you to a digital ecosystem. Think of the digital enterprise as an island that needs to be connected to a wider ecosystem to gain access to a surplus of data and insights. Enter CloudBlue, the result of more than $500 million of investments and partnerships over seven years to bring you a one-stop, cloud commerce platform, where everything is connected to everything else.

CloudBlue pivots around three key factors: an infinite partner ecosystem, hybrid and scalable technology, and comprehensive go-to-market services. Let’s start with the ecosystem. As the model above suggests, we recognized the need to power digital commerce platforms for our customers and therefore, did all the heavy lifting to bring it to you. It may look like a complex web, but these types of multi-directional connections are exactly what will drive you into the market as we move from innovating for customers to innovating with them.

After all, an e-commerce website is just a storefront until you’ve attracted customers. Going it alone and selling only your solutions limits your revenue potential. You’ll need to go deeper to truly unlock the massive financial opportunities of cloud by joining a digital ecosystem. Backed by the largest cloud ISV ecosystem in the industry, CloudBlue presents itself as a reliable way to immediately reach a wider group of partners of every type. In short, you can get to the market — fast. And thanks to its as-a-service model, you can take care of those partners while establishing a strong business relationship.

This brings us to the second pillar of CloudBlue’s strategy. Along with a connected, worldwide ecosystem, it’s important your e-commerce platform itself can enable and support your success in the cloud market. Your platform needs to be scalable, automated and equipped with technology that allows you to follow the ebb and flow of customer demand.

By automating the high number of processes required on subscriptions, you can service your customers' more complex subscription needs in a simplified way. In addition, our third-party solutions are already part of existing customer markets, which will improve your ability to deliver solutions to customers worldwide. The CloudBlue platform technology enables you to sell your core services alongside the built-in ISV’s, therefore expanding your reach, offering your customers better overall solutions, and increasing your share of the cloud market. The result? Your storefront just gained a lot more business.

Succeeding in the market, however, goes beyond just knowing the needs of your customers. In the as-as-service world, closing the sale is only one part of the equation. It’s also vital to ensure active use of the service and monitor customer satisfaction, thereby ensuring the all-important renewal. CloudBlue’s go-to-market services support a much more active interaction between you and your customer, again resulting in more revenue.

"Following its own three-pillar strategy, CloudBlue powers many of the world’s most innovative service providers and is ready to accelerate your success as well."

Clearly, CloudBlue will be a leading force in this digital revolution as more organizations realize the need to transform, evolve and accelerate. As the cloud commerce engine of digital acceleration, CloudBlue will ultimately be the key for the transition from the 3rd Platform into the 4th platform, where the fabric of people, intelligence and activity are omni-connected. Over 200 service providers are already powered by CloudBlue and are well-positioned to drive the platform into the future. Will you be next?

To learn more about how to get started or to expand your existing partnership with CloudBlue, contact

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