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Nimesh Davé
Nimesh Davé


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I recently had the privilege of attending ONE LATAM, which is one of my favorite Ingram Micro conferences. Here’s why: It’s as productive as it is fun. And I was able to connect with numerous partners as we enjoyed the sunny Orlando weather and awesome activities. As Paul Bay, Executive VP and Group President of the Americas, said in his opening keynote, “It’s about the experience. It’s not about the technology anymore.” And it was a memorable few days to say the least.

But what we really came to do was accelerate business. ONE LATAM is structured to drive the success of our ecosystem through three overarching categories, all connected by the ONE acronym: operational excellence, innovation and experience. So, what are the actions our partners should take when they get home to quickly increase revenue and relevance? Let’s break it down:

Operational excellence

If we want to win together, there needs to be better alignment across marketing, sales, operations and technology. As part of our commitment to be an indispensable business partner, and improve process and systems to seamlessly accelerate your business and connections, Ingram Micro recently hired Tom Peck as our EVP and Chief Information & Digital Officer. Peck will ensure business innovation and technology strategy are driven together. By focusing on every area of operations, we’ll continue to become faster and more fluid as we go.


We live in an age where the only constant is change, and the only guarantee for success is innovation. And when it comes to innovation, there are a couple things you need to do. First, you need to look three years out when mapping opportunities. And second, you need to harness IT agility through automation—including business intelligence to identify trends, marketing capabilities and an automated platform like CloudBlue. Paul Bay revealed that cloud spending will grow to $585 billion as many service providers start to sell cloud and hybrid cloud based on a consumption model. Because the CloudBlue platform lets you take your offerings to market across the entire ecosystem almost instantly, we can all move forward together.


The one idea I heard the most during ONE LATAM is that business is about people.

The customer experience means building trust and respect by understanding your customers. It’s also about solutions and competencies. At Ingram Micro, we’re driving incredible experiences by providing the world’s largest cloud ecosystem, so you have access to the solutions that are right for your business and your customers. Simultaneously, we’re continuously investing in technology improvements to support future customer experiences, such as the soon-to-be released unified control panel for Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

"Digital transformation is not a technology issue. It’s a people issue. It’s driven by human behavior."

– Felipe Montenegro, Dell

If you attended ONE LATAM, I hope you left with more connections, knowledge and actionable insights to drive profits. And if you weren’t there, I highly encourage you to join us next year. Ingram Micro, Ingram Micro Cloud and CloudBlue are here to help you succeed in the areas mentioned above in any way we can. As Rodrigo Bauer of Supermercadoes Paige Menos said, “My business is a family,” and he’s right. We are all ONE.

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