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We’re Winning Cloud Together: Next Steps


Two weeks ago, we hosted our annual APS Partner Connect, the premier networking, learning and sharing event for the global cloud platform, channel and ISV communities. Attended by more than 200 people, including many of the largest service providers, distributors, VARs and ISVs from around the world, this was the largest, most engaging APS Partner Connect in the event’s 13-year history.

With so many of the largest and industry-leading companies in attendance, we wanted to share the top takeaways for our wider community to keep in mind as we head further into 2018.

  1. Speed, Speed, Speed
  2. Anything as a Service (XaaS)
  3. Technology that Powers Business
  4. Beyond the Technology: Managed Services
  5. We Are Better Together: Less Talk, More Action

Speed, Speed, Speed

We kicked off the event at the gorgeous Koepelkerk conference center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, by sharing just how quickly our partners have grown their cloud businesses, collectively adding 5 million seats in 2017 alone. We’re predicting things will only accelerate from here, which is why our three-pillar strategy (providing access to an infinite ecosystem, leveraging scalable technology and delivering go-to-market [GTM] and support services) was built for speed.

This model, along with the technology that powers it, removes the friction and enables any service provider to accelerate their XaaS business. It now takes only days, not months for solutions to be delivered directly into the hands of the end customer, either on its own or bundled with a service provider’s own solutions. Fast, seamless and easy.


Cloud is only part of the story. With XaaS, the market is growing at a 40% CAGR (source: Affiliated Communications 2018). Internet of Things (IoT) alone will reach $6 trillion in 2020. So how will all those devices be managed? And how will services for them be provisioned—or replaced? Partners running on the Ingram Micro Cloud Platform are already paving the way to providing solutions that answer some of these questions.

For example, as Francesco Fraccalvieri, head of marketing for B2B and Marketplace at Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) has shared, TIM uses IoT as a service with their connected car solutions running on the Ingram Micro Cloud Platform. Read the blog post.

In addition, Ramy Nahum, CEO of Triple C has an IPTV service in market that delivers video content throughout Israel, all managed through the Ingram Micro Cloud Platform. This platform and its capabilities are what helped Triple C transform into a dynamic MSP with a portfolio of offerings.

Now that almost anything can be delivered as a service, more partners are using the Ingram Micro Cloud Platform to monetize it.

Technology that Powers Business

As technology continues to accelerate, platforms need to have greater flexibility, agility and scalability with a more open architecture. At Ingram Micro, we’ve been using this principle to design and engineer our latest solutions. Now that we’ve transformed our platform offering, you can start selling anything as a service at any point in your digital transformation journey, while scaling as you grow without limitations. The business need is what matters; the technology simply facilitates it.

Also, now you can get new vendor solutions up and live on your platform more quickly and easily, so you can transact in days or even hours. We have several flavors of connectors available, from a full APS integration to APS Connect or even APS Quick Start, all of which create ease and speed to market.

This is huge for both ISVs and service providers. ISVs can get their offers to market almost instantly across the entire multi-service provider ecosystem, and service providers can deliver the most effective portfolio of services for their customers by combining the services they have access to via the federated offerings with their own core services or applications. And it’s all baked into the Ingram Micro Cloud Platform.

Beyond the Technology: Managed Services

While the technology is the foundation, you often need additional services to deliver the seamless customer experience and outcome that today’s customers demand. Ingram Micro offers managed services, premium support and GTM expertise that can enable any service provider to accelerate to their desired outcome. We even shared a glimpse into our secret GTM sauce and what has allowed the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace channel to become the single, largest cloud service platform provider with over 2 million seats and 200+ platform integrated cloud services.

We Do More Together: Less Talk, More Action

Coming together in such a spectacular venue brought out a number of productive, engaging conversations. Many of us participated in one conversation about the service provider panel. Some of the things that were heard multiple times from multiple partners included connecting content to applications, interoperability and partnering is the name of the game. It was evident that doing more together through personal connections and technology-based connections was a common thread.

Hannah Breeze, senior research analyst for IDC Channels and Alliances in Europe, shared how alternative channels such as online self-provisioning, cloud marketplaces and cloud service brokers will play a growing role in the market, with one-half of SMBs acquiring resources through these channels by 2020. She also recommended gaining a better understanding of the role your company and your partners play in this new ecosystem and to identify which members of the ecosystem to link up with. We’re taking this advice and providing our partners with the best possible opportunities to connect.

Let’s not only continue to talk, but also to begin taking the next big leaps together. Check out the highlights video from the event below:

We can’t wait to meet with more of our partners and to make even more connections at future events such as Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in a few weeks and, later in April, Cloud Summit 2018, our premier annual event with more than 1,400 partners from around the world.

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