Cloud Summit: The Digital Sessions

Plug Into the Power of Cloud Summit


Today is an important day—it was supposed to be the day we were scheduled to kick off this year’s Cloud Summit in Miami. But as we all know, situations have changed and we won’t be seeing each other face to face until Cloud Summit 2021.

But even though we won’t be together right now, today is still momentous. And I’m excited to announce Ingram Micro Cloud’s first-ever virtual global event—which will take place from June 15-19, 2020. We’re calling it Cloud Summit: The Digital Sessions.

Remaining flexible in unprecedented times

Now, more than ever, communication and collaboration services—and the need to support a remote workforce—have become mission-critical.

Given this new reality, The Digital Sessions are designed to help your business continue to grow by delivering you what you need right now: technology solutions that position you to thrive, even under the most challenging circumstances.

Helping you solve your customers’ toughest problems—virtually

During The Digital Sessions, you’ll hear from me as well as other senior executives from Ingram Micro Cloud, CloudBlue and several leading tech companies. Between us, we’ll cover the future of cloud, and share our thoughts on how you can rapidly evolve your business—and effectively tackle these trying times head-on.

We’ll also make some exciting announcements that will go a long way in helping you accelerate your growth and simplify the complexity of running—and succeeding—in your cloud business. In fact, there will be plenty of inspiration to go around.

I hope you’ll join us for this weeklong virtual event. We’re looking forward to providing everything you need to continue being the world’s greatest problem solvers, including more content, more ideas, more connections—and More as a Service.

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