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It’s a wrap! Reviewing the success of CloudBlue Virtual Innovators Forum 2020


The 2020 CloudBlue Virtual Innovators Forum was a huge success this year with tremendous engagement and great representation from all over of the world focusing on, Powering What’s Next. One of the benefits of taking the CloudBlue Innovators Forum virtual this year was the fact that it allowed for an even greater participation from all corner of the globe which took away some of the challenges including long flights, jetlag and travel costs.

I was fortunate to deliver the event’s final Keynote, Cracking the Code: Translating this Week’s Strategies into Action with guest speaker, Mark Rice, General Manager, Services Partners, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft. Our conversation recapped the week’s presentations and learnings focusing on how to apply 3 Key Takeaways over the three-day event.

Focusing on the customer experience is critical for growth

  • Digital transformation needs to be centered around the customer experience
  • Connect your customers’ experience to the human experience
  • Extensibility enables companies to add more capabilities to provide a better customer experience

The Digital Experience (DX) has accelerated and marketplaces continue to proliferate

  • Design for immediacy and convenience
  • Advance your own digital maturity
  • Integrate your marketplace strategy

Subscriptions alone are no longer enough

  • Drive a vertical-based approach
  • Create solutions to address business use-cases
  • Optimize channel partnerships to build full solutions

There has been massive innovation and growth over the past 18 months and it’s critical for enterprises to continue down their digital journey, focus on delivering the best possible customer experience all while pivoting their position in their market to scale, grow new partnerships and provide new business use-cases.

Rounding out the final event keynote, I reviewed 3 CloudBlue Announcements from the week.

Expansion to mid-market

The same robust platform that powers some of the largest ecosystems in the world enables mid-market companies to grow market share and build business success.

  • Enable future growth of up-and-coming companies in the as-a-service economy
  • Mid-market companies to grow market share and build business success
  • Read more

System Integrators Partner Program

The program’s SI partners gain access to the CloudBlue ecosystem and expertise, developer tools, resources and sales support, and go-to-market enablement.

  • Provide essential tools and services needed to work with today’s most cutting-edge companies
  • Deliver solutions and services aligned with their business model while delivering unique experiences to their customers
  • Exclusive access to the CloudBlue ecosystem and expertise
  • Read more

Go-To-Market (GTM) Fast Track Program

The global partner program digitizes and speeds up the end-to-end go-to-market launch for IP owners and cloud service providers.

  • Helps scale and accelerate the end-to-end GTM launch for IP owners and CSPs by digitizing the process
  • Reducing IP owners’ cost and time-to-market and accelerating time-to-revenue by 50% for CSPs with targeted campaign sprints
  • Read more

I want thank everyone who attended this year’s CloudBlue Virtual Innovators Forum. As a reminder, all Keynotes and Session are available on-demand and can be accessed via the CloudBlue Innovators Forum website. Lastly, you can request a Cloud Expert to contact you directly to discuss how to Enable and Grow your B2B ecosystem.

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