How TLine Launched Hardware-as-a-Service With the Help of CloudBlue


TLine’s transition to Hardware-as-a-Service (HWaaS) starts with a story. Early last year, one of the technology distributor’s customers purchased a few hundred laptops from TLine’s marketplace. And then the pandemic hit, and this customer was forced to let go over half of their workforce, for whom the laptops had been intended.

TLine quickly realized that it needed a more efficient solution to offer hardware that better catered to the ever-changing circumstances of today – and that solution was a subscription service. Customers could now pay a monthly fee for as many devices they need, for as long as they need, and get access to any necessary additional software services to go along with the product. 

After identifying this gap in the market, TLine set out to shift from a model of buying technology devices, to consuming them, explained TLine President and CEO Carlos Pino, in our recent webinar. Here’s how they did it.

Who is TLine and Why Did it Shift to HWaaS?

Founded in 2002, TLine is a regional distributor of high-technology products, operating in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and the US. The company is the only multi-country Titanium partner of Dell. Until recently, TLine’s business model was based on infrastructure and consulting services.

For TLine, transitioning to a subscription-based model for its hardware services was a no-brainer in the unpredictable world of today. Instead of requiring their customers to pay the high upfront costs of purchasing hardware outright, customers pay for a subscription which they can scale up and down as they need.

By opting for HWaaS, TLine’s customers ensure they can meet changing government regulations around security, provide the hardware they need for an increasing or decreasing workforce, and adjust to unexpected projects without high capital investment.

TLine Found an HWaaS Partner in CloudBlue

In the webinar, Carlos explains that in CloudBlue, TLine found a partner that enables the integration of a vast ecosystem of solutions into their marketplace. TLine opted for CloudBlue precisely because it is part of the Ingram Micro and Ingram Micro Cloud ecosystem of global partners and allows for easy access to products and services.

With the help of CloudBlue, TLine can integrate its HWaaS vendors and products within one platform, launch the offerings in multiple countries and currencies, manage resellers, customers, and their subscriptions. On top of that, CloudBlue provides a consolidated experience and integrated control panel for its users, allowing customers like TLine to source hardware devices and cloud technology from a single partner. All of this allowed TLine to transform software and hardware products into subscriptions.

Joining the Subscription Ecosystem 

Carlos knew that customers were on the lookout for device leasing as a subscription, but providing HWaaS wasn’t simply about sending out the devices and charging a monthly fee. Instead, TLine’s HWaaS offering involves a whole ecosystem of players, making its value proposition second to none.

For example, customers can sign up for between six and 24 months of hardware subscription, which they can scale and extend according to their needs. They can bundle different products into the subscription fee, such as antivirus software or Office 365 on the device. Further, TLine provides technical support, device warranty, insurance, and security and monitoring for the duration of the subscription. 

Meanwhile, Ingram Micro supplies the hardware itself in partnership with Dell, while CloudBlue provides the platform technology. This technology enables product bundling, complete order fulfillment, centralized billing and a customer control panel for subscribers to manage. 

For customers, they receive local invoices that are charged in their currency and enjoy straightforward UX to purchase and manage subscriptions.

By shifting to HWaaS, TLine demonstrates its own definition of digital transformation and its commitment to best serving its customers. With the help of CloudBlue and the Ingram Micro ecosystem, TLine is now providing its customers with on-demand access to quality hardware and everything that needs to come with it, equipping them to navigate the changing business landscape of tomorrow.

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