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Cloud Summit Review: Fast And Fluid Wins the Race


You heard it a lot at the 2018 Cloud Summit, not only from me, but also from Nimesh Davé, our EVP, and again from SVP Renée Bergeron: Business success depends on being fast and fluid.

As I told attendees at Cloud Summit, today’s consumers are in the driver’s seat, and they’re demanding choices in how, where and when they consume information. The companies that can deliver—and deliver fast—are the ones that will succeed.

Remember just a few years ago when you bought CDs, rented DVDs in video stores and had to hail a taxi from the sidewalk? You may have even visited a travel agency to book your vacation. Fast forward to today. We’ve got Spotify, Netflix, Uber and Expedia. All the products and services we used to seek out are instantly available at our fingertips, thanks to the cloud.

The brands I mentioned, along with hundreds of others, have one common denominator: a platform. They’ve spent billions building a platform to deliver their services to customers, but this can be a formidable challenge.

The good news is we’ve already done it for you.

As I described in my last blog, Ingram Micro Cloud already has created a hyperscale platform, allowing you to aggregate, deliver and monetize anything from SaaS and PaaS to IaaS—literally XaaS. We spent years merging our platform assets and building a team of relentless, passionate people to help you grow and scale your cloud business.

But we haven’t stopped there. We’ve created something revolutionary: Watch the CloudBlue video.

Formally announced at Cloud Summit, CloudBlue is the newest Ingram Micro business unit with a groundbreaking cloud commerce and Xaas platform. It’s a brand. It’s a platform. And it’s more than that. CloudBlue includes an ecosystem that integrates hundreds of ISVs and powers one-third of the world’s leading telcos. It’s the power behind our Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. And it’s designed for small business, big business—and your business. This is the digital transformation you’ve been waiting for.

Thanks to an innovative partnership with Microsoft, CloudBlue will operate on the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform. In addition, Microsoft will co-sell CloudBlue to new service providers joining Microsoft’s CSP program. Our customers will be able to scale faster and deliver the technologies their customers need, creating what Microsoft’s Gavriella Schuster calls “a game-changing moment.”

Ingram Micro Cloud is continually investing resources to not only keep our own business fast and fluid, but also to help our partners do the same while providing today’s consumers with the infinite, instant gratification to which they’re becoming accustomed.

As I said, fast and fluid companies will win in the digital revolution.

We hope you’ll take the information, tools and relationships you acquired at the recent Cloud Summit to build your own fast and fluid cloud business.

Mark your calendar for Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2019, scheduled for March 11 – 13 in San Diego, CA. Sign up now to get updates, watch the 2018 highlights video and access keynote presentations at

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