Forrester names CloudBlue as a late stage player in Ecosystem Management report


CloudBlue was listed in the late-stage maturity segment in the Ecosystem Management solutions space. In this report, Forrester evaluates 34 vendors in the emerging market of Ecosystem Management solutions, breaking them down by maturity stage and capabilities.  

Forrester notes that “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated customers’ migration to digital, with B2B leaders shifting their buying preferences in record numbers. Responding to these changes, brands are transforming their own business models to serve these buyers in new routes to market such as product-led growth; subscription, consumption, or usage-based pricing; e-commerce; and marketplaces. Making these business models work means creating partnerships at new levels of scale.” As an Accenture Strategy survey finds that 76% of business leaders agree current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 5 years with ecosystems being the main change agent.  

For enterprises already leveraging or looking to migrate to subscription models, Forrester, covers the following important aspects about ecosystem management in their report: 

  • Value proposition
  • Factors indicating the rapid evolution and growth of the market  
  • Snapshots of vendors in the business 
  • Opportunities for ecosystem management to accelerate growth and innovation

CloudBlue was mentioned in the ecosystem marketplace and integrations functionality segment which “supports e-commerce and digital marketplaces for B2B organizations to grow technology alliances and partnerships.” CloudBlue enables enterprises to launch and manage an omni-product, multi-tier and multi-channel subscription business. With CloudBlue, businesses can build their own ecosystem as well as access the platform’s existing ecosystem of top-selling vendors and leading brands. To learn more about CloudBlue and what sets us apart, contact us or request for a demo today.

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