CloudBlue Commerce Releases

Below are all CloudBlue Commerce (formerly Odin Automation and predecessors) platform releases with their respective support status as per CloudBlue’s general Product Lifecycle Policy.

Release Current Status GA Date EOS Date EOM Date EOEM Date EOL Date
CloudBlue Commerce 20.4 * Sales Phase 18-May-20 -** -** -** -**
Odin Automation Premium 8.3 Extended Maintenance Phase 29-Nov-19 18-May-20 31-Aug-20 30-Nov-20 28-Feb-21
Odin Automation Premium 8.2 Support Phase 15-Jul-19 29-Nov-19 31-Mar-20 31-Jul-20 31-Oct-20
Odin Automation Premium 8.0 End of Life 30-Nov-18 15-Jul-19 31-Oct-19 31-Jan-20 30-Apr-20
Odin Automation Premium 7.4 Support Phase 5-Jun-18 30-Nov-18 30-Aug-19 30-Nov-19 31-Dec-20
Odin Automation Premium 7.3 End of Life 10-Jan-18 5-Jun-18 10-Jan-19 10-Apr-19 10-Jul-19
Odin Automation Premium 7.2 End of Life 25-Sep-17 10-Jan-18 25-Sep-18 -** 31-Mar-19
Odin Automation Premium 7.1 End of Life 17-Apr-17 25-Sep-18 17-Apr-18 -** 31-Mar-19
Odin Automation Premium 7.0 End of Life 6-Jul-16 17-Apr-17 31-Mar-18 -** 31-Mar-19
Odin Service Automation 6.0 End of Life 12-Mar-15 6-Jul-16 31-Jul-17 -** 31-Dec-18
Parallels Automation 5.5 End of Life 26-Jul-13 12-Mar-15 6-Jul-16 -** 30-Jul-18
Parallels Automation 5.4 End of Life 12-May-12 26-Jul-13 12-May-15 -** 30-Jul-18
Parallels Operations Automation 5.3 End of Life 8-Nov-11 12-May-12 26-Jul-13 -** 30-Jul-18
Parallels Business Automation 5.1 End of Life 27-Jul-11 12-May-12 26-Jul-13 -** 30-Jul-18
Parallels Operations Automation 5.2 and older End of Life - - - -** 12-May-12
Parallels Business Automation 5.1 and older End of Life - - - -** 12-May-12

* Odin Automation 8.4 has been renamed to CloudBlue Commerce 20.4. It is backwards compatible with Odin Automation 8.3 and in terms of the Product Lifecycle Policy considered to be part of the 8.x major version.

** Depends on next Odin Automation release (according to Product Lifecycle Policy).

*** Extended Maintenance Phase not available for releases prior to Odin Automation 7.3, with EOM those releases enter directly into the Support Phase.

Note: As soon as a new release is available, this one becomes the default for upgrades. In general, upgrades are only covered by existing support & maintenance contracts if the target release is currently in the Sales or Maintenance Phase. Upgrades to other releases will be considered a custom and paid engagement.