“What is Vendor & Product Information Management and why do I need it?”

Vendor and Product Information Management is the process behind managing all the information needed to market and sell products through different distribution channels, via different vendors. Think of it as the single source of truth about your products. Properly managing these complex product data and digital assets boosts operational efficiency, improves time-to-market, and gives you the ability to sell more, faster.

So, how can CloudBlue help you? 

Vendor and Product Information Management

Easily invite and onboard new vendors and suppliers to expand your catalog

CloudBlue’s powerful platform is designed to help you manage your existing vendors and suppliers and invite new ones to be a part of your ecosystem.

Manage digital agreements and contracts

Manage all of your digital agreements and contracts simply

Centrally manage and view all your vendor and supplier contracts and pricing with CloudBlue’s contract management capabilities.

PIM software

Configure all of your product definitions and information in one place

With CloudBlue you can standardize all your product information with the same consistency and feel across every marketplace and geography you work in.

Solution Demo: CloudBlue Vendor
and Product Information Management

Watch this demo to see a step-by-step walkthrough of how a service provider can create a product using our CloudBlue vendor and product information management solution. Want to view the full list of capabilities supported by our solution? Contact us today.

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What data control does CloudBlue offer your XaaS business?

CloudBlue offers you powerful vendor and product information management tools to make controlling these complex product data and digital assets more simple.


Easily send invites to new vendors and suppliers to add their products to your marketplace

CloudBlue simplifies the communication between you, your vendors, and your suppliers to create a streamlined onboarding process of new products and services.

Digital Agreement & Contract Management


Manage your digital agreements and contracts with enterprise level technology

Thanks to CloudBlue you can centralize all your agreement and contract communications with your vendors and your suppliers, manage redlines and changes digitally, reducing your time to market.


Enable your resellers to scale quickly and launch your products globally 

With CloudBlue you can expand your presence globally and easily enter new markets to increase sales, gain new resellers, and grow your brand.

gain new resellers

Standardize Product Information


Update specific information about your products, define billing types and easily provide your product details

CloudBlue helps you standardize how you present and manage product information across all your vendors’ and suppliers’ product offers.


Let your vendors and suppliers create pre-built plans and packages with their product offers

With CloudBlue your vendors and suppliers can create products and SKUs, and design product or business product packages with marketing materials for simplified offer management.

vendors and suppliers


Want to learn more about how CloudBlue helps companies around the world?

CloudBlue is a hyperscale platform with hypergrowth products and services – and access to a hyperconnected ecosystem of 200+ top-selling vendors, 200+ leading brands and over 80,000 partners globally.

Read on to find out about how CloudBlue can help your XaaS business thrive in an ever-changing economy and see where our solutions can drive your growth.

Subscription and Billing Management

Subscription & Billing Management

Manage your own catalog to include third-party products.

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Partner and Channel Management

Partner & Channel Management

Launch a multi-channel marketplace.

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Vendor and Product management

Vendor & Product management

Simplify any type of procurement.

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