“What is Subscription Management and why do I need it?”

Subscription management is the method of controlling a subscription’s lifecycle for your customer – and for driving transformational growth for your company. As subscriptions become ever more common across our lives and work, how you manage this lifecycle can help you scale growth in your company across all your digital and physical products.

So, how can CloudBlue help you? 

Recurring Subscription

Launch and manage your ideal B2B subscription model for your customers

With CloudBlue you can create flexible subscription plans and ensure accurate billing across thousands of customers, all in a few simple steps.

Subscription Business Model

Generate more revenue by upselling your bundled products and services

Now you can expand your customer base and improve recurring revenue with CloudBlue subscription management solutions.

Subscription Revenue Software

Increase your customer retention metrics by selling and retaining long term client subscriptions

CloudBlue helps you lower your churn rate, strengthen your customer engagement, and increase your customer’s lifetime value.

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What subscription and billing processes can you perform with CloudBlue?

See how CloudBlue’s subscription management solution makes managing your customers’ subscriptions profitably simple.


Easily support your recurring revenue and other transactional model offerings

With CloudBlue you can create and offer any combination of recurring and one-time products to accelerate your businesses growth – and drive more revenue.

recurring subscription

subscription business model


Reduce your billing inaccuracy for improved transaction transparency

CloudBlue simplifies complex rating processes and automates billing workflows to reduce manual errors – and helps you to gain greater visibility through third-party integrations with your existing billing systems.


Build your flexible B2B marketplace and deliver your customers a better experience

Streamline your B2B marketplace operations with CloudBlue’s multi-tier capabilities so you can deliver custom solutions and subscription-based bundles – resulting in higher recurring revenue.

subscription revenue software

subscription economy


Create incentives to acquire new customers and grow your current customer base

With CloudBlue you can easily experiment with different discount and promotion pricing strategies to optimize your opportunities for revenue growth – and customer acquisition.


Manage your customers, users and offers from order creation to billing and beyond

CloudBlue allows you to manage all changes made throughout your subscription flows, including upgrades or downgrades, renewals, restoring an expired subscription, and much more.

subscription management


Want to learn more about how CloudBlue helps companies around the world?

CloudBlue is a hyperscale platform with hypergrowth products and services – and access to a hyperconnected ecosystem of 200+ top-selling vendors, 200+ leading brands and over 80,000 partners globally.

Read on to find out about how CloudBlue can help your XaaS business thrive in an ever-changing economy and see where our solutions can drive your growth.

Subscription and Billing Management

Subscription & Billing Management

Test & launch IoT products.

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Partner and Channel Management

Partner & Channel Management

Launch a multi-channel marketplace.

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Vendor and Product management

Vendor & Product management

Manage your own catalog to include third-party products.

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