Incorporating XaaS into your current portfolio requires you to transform key areas of your business. These types of offerings add more complexity to your day to day operations. You need the capability to easily bundle different types of products and deliver them in a subscription-model no matter if its in-store or online.

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Solve these challenges:

  • Unable to bundle to create XaaS solutions

    To start offering XaaS, you are finding that your current e-commerce systems have limited capability to handle the complexity of XaaS transactions.

  • Missing key subscription capability

    To support recurring revenue offerings along with other transactional models, you are finding that your current systems are not subscription-ready.

  • Can’t extend reach into new markets

    You want to expose your new services portfolio to customers, but struggle to extend your reach into new regions.

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What makes CloudBlue different?

Hyperscale platform

Launch, manage and scale your marketplace with omni-product onboarding, multi-tier deployment and multi-cloud orchestration and go-to-market automation.

Extensibility with any system

CloudBlue can integrate with any homegrown or third-party commerce system, subscription management system or ERP tools through RESTful APIs.

CloudBlue Catalog

Add your products and services to the CloudBlue Catalog for potential exposure to 2 billion end customers or choose from 120+ best-of-breed syndicated products.

Omni-product management

Onboard, bundle, manage and define all the products in your portfolio, from technology goods to SaaS, IaaS and XaaS.

Custom managed, professional and go-to-market services

Let CloudBlue experts help you deploy and maximize CloudBlue technology for your business needs as well as create a customized go-to-market strategy.

Multi-channel distribution

Set up and distribute your catalog through your external (direct and indirect) channels and manage your internal procurement all from one platform.

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