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With CloudBlue infrastructure, you can just request a server with a certain configuration and capacity, and in a few clicks, you’re done. Our customers love that simplicity, and so do we.

Laurens van Alphen

Founder, Keenondots

Agnes A. Bell
Case Study | 3 min read
With CloudBlue infrastructure, you can just request a server with a certain configuration and capacity…
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Accelerate your business with these CloudBlue solutions

6 things that make CloudBlue different
Hyperscale platform
Launch, manage and scale your marketplace with omni-product onboarding, multi-tier deployment and multi-cloud orchestration and go-to-market automation.
Multi-cloud orchestration
Develop, orchestrate and deploy application templates and offer application-centric management services across public, private and hybrid clouds from one platform.
Omni-product management
Onboard, bundle, manage and define all the products in your portfolio, from technology goods to SaaS, IaaS and XaaS.
Multi-tier deployment
Organize your marketplace in multiple levels, including countries, OpCos and channels, and configure it by product catalog, language and currencies.
Proven IaaS expertise and tools
Use industry-leading IaaS expertise and tools to build your IaaS practice and access a portfolio of end-to-end IaaS services to offer your customers.
CloudBlue Catalog
Add your products and services to the CloudBlue Catalog for potential exposure to 2 billion end customers or choose from 120+ best-of-breed syndicated products.

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