Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must respond to the ever-increasing customer demand for bundled XaaS solutions. Previously this meant MSPs added new staff to quote, procure, provision, and manage all processes manually using each individual vendor portal. Now, with greater volumes and increasing complexity, this operational inefficiency is unviable and speed to market is compromised.

Shadow IT is also an issue both for customers and for MSPs who lose out on potential business. MSPs are often unable to keep their catalogs growing at the rate they need to due to the long and costly integration work required.

Finally, as more MSPs make acquisitions and grow internationally multiple new systems and processes are introduced which impacts operational efficiency negatively. Organizations lack visibility at a central level and costs can spiral.


CloudBlue’s platform helps MSPs streamline operations by automating procurement and fulfilment processes. By cutting down on manual tasks the MSP can concentrate on designing XaaS bundles suited to customer requirements, cross- and up-selling and introducing new offerings to market more quickly.

Our extensive portfolio of market-leading 3rd party products gives them the means to expand their solution catalog easily and quickly. This also helps avoid shadow IT and keeps cost to a minimum.

Finally, with the help of CloudBlue’s platform, MSPs can unify multi-country and multi-subsidiary systems and processes. Moreover, by taking advantage of group-level negotiated pricing, the MSP will see cost savings and efficiencies which enable them to scale.

“Buyers … favor subscription business models because of continuous upgrades and their predictable costs and revenues.”    

Jay McBain (Principal Analyst), Joe Cicman (Senior Analyst), Forrester 
Automate operations to accelerate time to market

Automate and standardize

Expand your catalog

Launch XaaS subscription bundles

Unify multi-countries operations

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Automate and standardize XaaS procurement processes

Centralize and simplify the process of XaaS procurement, fulfillment, and provisioning to improve efficiency and accelerate time to market.

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Expand your catalog faster

Automate and streamline the vendor onboarding process and expand your product catalog immediately. Reduce time and cost spent on integrations, maintenance, and support and cross-sell more.

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Launch XaaS subscription bundles efficiently

Create unique XaaS bundled solutions such as WaaS and DaaS, combining hardware, software and services, eliminating the hassle and complexity for your clients. Streamline the entire procurement, fulfilment and billing process – all in one place.

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Unify multi-countries and multi-subsidiary operations

Gain visibility of operations and power of negotiation by unifying all your subsidiaries through a central platform, increase your geographical footprint and grow your margins.  


Automate operations to accelerate time to market

Automate and standardize XaaS procurement processes

Expand your catalog faster

Launch XaaS subscription bundles efficiently

Unify multi-countries and multi-subsidiary operations

“Advania created their first workplace as a service bundle within three weeks. Thanks to their automated processes and operations, they were able to launch a XaaS offering to market in just three months. Subsequently, their customer base increased by a staggering 400% in a twelve-month period.”

Why CloudBlue?


Simplified subscription and billing management  

Combine subscription-based services with your core offerings (consumables, electronic appliances, software, etc.). Support for flat-rate, tiered, pay-as-you-go or one-off billing models.


Extensive CloudBlue catalog and network 

Choose from extensive portfolio of pre-integrated market-leading 3rd party products. Access to millions of end-customers world-wide


End-to-end As as Service platform

Using one single platform, manage vendors, suppliers, partners, and deliver a wide range of bundled offerings, both physical and digital.

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