Keeping pace with IaaS demand

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are the backbone of the IT industry, fulfilling their customers’ needs in the evolving Anything as a Service economy with innovative bundles such as Device as a Service (DaaS), Workplace as a Service (WaaS) and WiFi as a Service (WiFiaaS).

Many MSPs are now looking at the next stage in their evolution, establishing themselves as vital players in this subscription marketplace. However, one of the biggest challenges MSPs face today is the speed of digital transformation of their own customers as they start to shift their Infrastructure-related workloads from the traditional on-premises model to a cloud or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model.

Digital resources need to be designed, integrated and maintained in a reliable manner, so MSPs must evolve and build strong relationships with their customers to support beyond the lift and shift of workloads to a consultancy approach. This involves training and certifications which takes time and investments for many MSPs.

Many MSPs hesitate to start an IaaS practice because they don’t have the expertise or experience needed to set up and manage cloud computing infrastructure. Simply selling IaaS does not solve the customer’s needs.

Develop and scale your IaaS opportunities

This is where CloudBlue comes in—we have over a decade of experience in managing data centers and cloud infrastructure, so we know what it takes to deliver reliable IaaS.​

CloudBlue professional and managed services enable MSPs to realize the revenue ​opportunities of having an IaaS practice. When you partner with us, you gain vendor support, a diverse catalog and a highly accredited team that will be by your side as you build your IaaS practice and become a valued advisor. 

CloudBlue helps support you at every step as you develop your existing or new customer cloud infrastructure.


Build your professional and managed services practices to boost your IaaS profitability

  • Customer Retention. Be your customers’ trusted partner for all their cloud needs, keeping customers happy and reducing churn.
  • Expand Your IaaS Services. Expand your cloud to business to include a diverse set of IaaS solutions and services, with minimal investment to your operations.
  • Maximize Recurring Revenue from IaaS. Build a subscription-based revenue stream of IaaS services.


Our IaaS services help you accelerate your customers IaaS opportunities.


Featured services available from CloudBlue IaaS Lifecycle Services

Get support from the experts

CloudBlue has over 55+ certified professionals in Microsoft Azure and AWS who can support you and your customers across a number of IaaS services. We are an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS and an Azure Expert MSP. During the last six months, we’ve helped over 75 customers and assessed and migrated over 200 servers.

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