Ingram Micro Cloud and CloudBlue have achieved CSA STAR Level 1 Status


Data security has never been more paramount than it is today. And as multi-cloud solutions continue to grow, data security and privacy best practices must be top priorities for channel partners serving end customers.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) defines and creates awareness of best practices for secure cloud computing environments. Through their Security, Trust, Assurance, and Risk (STAR) program, their CSA STAR status and certifications have become the industry standard for Cloud Service Providers (CSP) aiming to show improved cloud governance and compliance.

CloudBlue customers and clients want the platform to have CSA STAR status for the increased security assurance it provides them. Considering this customer need, CloudBlue and Ingram Micro Cloud completed the Self-Assessment Consensus Assessments Initiative questionnaire, assessing compliance across the 17 domains of the Cloud Controls Matrix.

Today, both organizations are pleased to announce their achievement of CSA STAR Level 1 status.

What is CSA STAR Level 1?

The process to obtain STAR Level 1 status is rigorous, as it demonstrates a competitive/strategic advantage in the field of data security, by mirroring CSA compliance certifications relating to Security and Privacy for cloud native organizations.

CSA STAR Level 1 Security status requires an organization to submit a security self-assessment, by using the Cloud Controls Matrix to evaluate and document security controls. This includes a Self-Assessment Consensus Assessments Initiative questionnaire of around 270 questions.

Before submission, all applications are updated and reviewed by compliance teams. For the final sign-off from the sponsor, cross-functional stakeholders identify and address any gaps.

Why did Ingram Micro Cloud and CloudBlue gain CSA STAR Level 1 status?

CloudBlue and Ingram Micro Cloud wanted STAR Level 1 status to reinforce their capacity to assess, develop and maintain industry standard security assessment processes. These protocols are critical to the internal controls in the systems and processes handled by the Cloud Marketplace and platform.

CSA STAR LEVEL 1 provides a framework that has become an invaluable asset for cloud organizations, channel partners, and end customers wanting to show global enterprises that they adhere to the gold standard of data and security practices.

What does our CSA STAR Level 1 and ISO 27001 certification compliment mean for you?

CSA STAR Level 1 is complimentary offering that documents the security controls provided by cloud native organizations, helping clients/users assess the security of cloud providers they currently use or are considering using.

Cloud providers submit their Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaires to document their compliance with the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix. This information is publicly available and updated annually, helping to promote industry transparency by providing customers visibility into specific provider security practices.

CSA STAR Level 1 certification provides CloudBlue and Ingram Micro Cloud partners the assurance they need to engage with global-level enterprises and their customers securely, confidently, and aligned with the latest in data security and privacy initiatives.

This new status gives CloudBlue and Ingram Micro Cloud a competitive and strategic advantage as trusted CSA partners. Following the ISO 27001 certification, the CSA STAR certification signals to customers and clients that data security remains a foremost strategic priority for both CloudBlue and Ingram Micro Cloud. As always, we remain committed to delivering on our customers’ and clients’ evolving needs.

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