CloudBlue Services


Craft and implement a highly
effective go-to-market strategy

Features of go-to-market services
Go-to-Market Services are services that help you identify business opportunities,
develop a go-to-market strategy, and
create a tactical plan that drives profit and scale.


Proven go-to-market

Our “Cloud GTM Levers of Success”
methodology helps you identify
opportunities, develop a strategic
connection with your core services,
create a business model that drives
profit, and build the capabilities to
launch and scale your new business.



Our programs for strategic and cross-
sell vendors leverage CloudBlue’s
ecosystem of service providers to
dramatically accelerate time to market
and drive immediate revenue growth.


and off-site engagements

We work hand in hand with vendors and
service providers to deliver on-site and
off-site engagements that reduce time-
to-market and time-to-revenue by over 50%.

Reach your goals

With tailored transformation programs with CloudBlue, you’ll
launch and scale your digital business when you leverage our
end-to-end playbook. We’ll help you identify your market sweet
spot, outline the initial portfolio and define a revenue model.

6 things that makes CloudBlue different
Ecosystem management
Join the CloudBlue ecosystem or build your own community from one platform, where you can manage all your vendors, partners, resellers and products from one place.
Multi-channel distribution
Set up and distribute your catalog through your external (direct and indirect) channels and manage your internal procurement all from one platform.
CloudBlue Catalog
Add your products and services to the CloudBlue Catalog for potential exposure to 2 billion end customers or choose from 120+ best-of-breed syndicated products.
Go-to-market automation
Give your sales team and channel partners a centralized portal to learn about and sell your products with standardized sales enablement and marketing campaigns.
Extensibility with any system
CloudBlue can integrate with any homegrown or third-party commerce system, subscription management system or ERP tools through RESTful APIs.
Go-to-market services
Tap into a team of CloudBlue experts to help you deploy CloudBlue technology and maximize the capabilities for your business needs.
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