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New CloudBlue Connect software update automates the marketplace connection process without sacrificing control

November 24, 2020 – Irvine, Calif. – CloudBlue, a leading cloud technology provider, announced today that the version 21 update to its CloudBlue Connect catalog and channel management platform now helps software vendors more easily sell their products across different cloud marketplaces.

The new extensions enable vendors to easily publish, manage, and sell their XaaS offerings across different vendor marketplaces, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This added functionality underscores CloudBlue Connect’s primary function as a single source to manage product information and purchase orders so that vendors can reduce their investments in maintaining dozens of integration points.

Organizations lose 20% to 30% of revenue every year due to inefficient processes, according to market research firm IDC. CloudBlue solves the challenges businesses face in the era of proliferation with efficient solutions that get vendors to market faster without significant investments and the sacrifice of revenue.

“By innovating and improving the ways products are brought to market, CloudBlue enables vendors to focus on their next great innovation,” said Tarik Faouzi, vice president of CloudBlue. “Our latest release of CloudBlue Connect offers improved automation without sacrificing quality and control.”

Meanwhile, the update also allows providers to onboard their own ISV ecosystem on public B2B and B2C marketplaces such as Azure, AWS and Google, further assisting these providers in growing their ecosystems.

In addition to the new marketplace extensions, CloudBlue Connect now enables customers with more extensibility to communicate with different platforms through the extension with Flowgear, a business process automation platform. This will allow customers to easily exchange data with different systems through code-free integrations that make sophisticated application integration accessible to businesses of all sizes.

This release additionally includes a large number of features that improve customer experience and enable users to operate more efficiently:

  • New lists management experience populated across all modules
  • Extended support for multi-year subscription periods
  • The flexibility to have multiple syndication contracts linked to the same marketplace

“We know businesses today need greater operational flexibility and efficiency, and that is exactly what our latest release provides,” Faouzi said. “The ease of seamlessly integrating fulfilment processes is set to boost productivity and profitability for businesses big and small.”

More information about CloudBlue Connect is available here.

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CloudBlue provides a hyperscale platform with hypergrowth products and services that allows providers to launch and manage an omni-product, multi-tier and multi-channel marketplace. With CloudBlue, providers can access and capitalize on a hyperconnected ecosystem of 200+ top-selling vendors, 200+ leading brands and more than 80,000 partners globally. Many of the world’s best-known software and SaaS vendors, digital service providers, technology distributors, tech manufacturers, managed services providers, and value-added resellers rely on CloudBlue’s leading CloudBlue Commerce and CloudBlue Connect platforms to automate, aggregate and sell both their own cloud services as well as those from third-party vendors. CloudBlue powers more than 200 of the world’s largest provider cloud marketplaces, which collectively represent more than 30 million enterprise cloud subscriptions.

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