Why CloudBlue Connect?

Today, all companies are constantly transforming their product offerings to meet customers’ and business needs.  

For forward-looking businesses, the Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) delivery model is an imperative, and they are reinventing themselves to fit this model. They need to build a XaaS delivery model – and need a modern, and technology-first platform that can be scaled and adapted for both small-to-medium business and enterprise growth.  

The CloudBlue Connect platform helps organizations accelerate their business growth and expand their offerings for the As-a-Service economy.

CloudBlue Connect enhances operational efficiency and increases agility – helping to turbo-charge time to market. It supports omni product (any type of product) distribution, from technology goods and perpetual license software to software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and anything as a service (XaaS).  

This means you can publish solutions across multi-country, multi-tier channel systems faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Now is the time for you to discover CloudBlue Connect!

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Ecosystem management distribution platform powering your anything as a service business

CloudBlue Connect is a highly extensible and powerful ecosystem management distribution as a service (DaaS) platform that centralizes relationships and standardizes integrations with partners. It enables vendors, distributors, resellers, and other channel partners to work with each other and manage their products, catalogs, subscriptions, customers, and various channel and distribution operations easily. 

Connect provides support for both recurring (subscriptions) and one-time (physical & licensing) products and enables enterprises to onboard a broad spectrum of products through direct, indirect, and internal channels. Connect also provides a robust billing framework that supports usage-based billing data transformations.

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Configure the product once and publish multiple listings with no additional development. Streamline and accelerate product and service release cycles from inception to availability. Expand your catalog with ease making use of Connect’s extensibility and CloudBlue’s wide portfolio of pre-integrated solutions.

Connect Propagate


Automate and simplify partner or vendor onboarding and management. Distribute your catalog across multi-country, multi-tier channel systems, while reducing complexity and time to market. 

Connect Expand


Build a thriving self-sustaining ecosystem in concert with our extensive network of vendors and resellers to reach millions of customers worldwide. Extend your catalog across countries, new segments, and verticals to grow market share and revenue. 

Build a thriving, self-sustaining Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) ecosystem & grow your market share.

With CloudBlue Connect you can easily automate, centralize, and streamline multiple products, catalog, vendor, and channel management processes.

Platform Features


Streamline product information in one place and populate all channels

CloudBlue’s Product Information Management (PIM) functionality helps you define your product information and specifications in multiple languages and brandings to match different marketplace specifications. Create product templates in multiple languages and brandings and collect, store, and manage product metadata (attributes, class, categories, groups, and variation) and receive product updates from all vendors in one location.

  • CloudBlue’s PIM function supports software, hardware, anything as a service and captures the metadata for products and services. 
  • Handle complexity with structured data by capturing detailed product concepts including variation, attributes, class, categories, and groups. 
  • Upload go-to-market assets to enrich the buyer experience.

CloudBlue PIM

CloudBlue Partners


Easily manage relationships with vendors in your ecosystem

CloudBlue Connect allows you to create, submit, and manage your agreements & contracts and digitally sign contracts from your business partners or vendors by using a single interface.

  • Create and manage distribution and program agreements with vendors
  • Create, track and manage contracts with vendors
  • Review and electronically sign contracts 
  • Notify vendors to digitally approve updates to signed contracts 
  • View when vendors accept a new version of the agreement and which user signed it


Manage your subscriptions and fulfillment requests

Use CloudBlue Connect to view, reject and/or approve fulfillment requests that are generated for any subscription changes and order cancellations across multiple channels – all in one place. Get full control over orders, renewals, changes etc. in subscriptions and other requests. Plus, fulfillment can be automated with APIs.

  • Create and manage subscriptions in test and production scenarios
  • Manage tier configurations 
  • View, reject and approve fulfillment requests 
  • Preview fulfillment requests before launch 
  • Manage fulfillment requests for all sales channels

CloudBlue Subscriptions

CloudBlue Catalog Management


Centralize your catalogs to publish them across channels

View a list of available products in the CloudBlue Catalog and request products for syndication in your portfolio. Curate product catalogs for specific resellers as well as various product groups with tailored agreements.

  • Review, test and manage your products from the CloudBlue catalog.
  • Curate product catalogs for specific resellers. Create various product groups with tailored agreements. 
  • Filter your search by product category or marketplace. 
  • Create direct syndication agreements with resellers and manage from one place. 
  • Add your products to the CloudBlue catalog for syndication. 


Create, test, and manage the products and services in your portfolio

Upload reports on usage of consumption and pay-per-use products to bill your resellers or end customers accordingly. Define products by SKU in multiple languages and create multiple product offers and determine their consumption model, billing period and unit.

  • Define products by SKU to create multiple plans and offers for each product. 
  • Determine the consumption model (reservation or pay as you go), set a billing period (monthly or yearly), and commitment period to fit your product type. 
  • View and export various pre-built reports ranging from: fulfillment (pending/history), subscription, customers, SLAs, contracts, catalog or customize your reports. Manage usage reports for your products by automating uploads via APIs or uploading manually from the UI.

CloudBlue Product Portfolio


What makes CloudBlue Connect different?

This catalog and channel management solution simplifies and unifies your indirect and direct channel operations as well as your procurement—all with a single platform. Use CloudBlue Connect to boost efficiency, speed up your time to revenue, and establish a scalable business quickly.

  • Simplify and unify your indirect and direct channel operations and procurement – all with a single platform 
  • Centralize catalog and publish it across channels while minimizing integrations and reducing cost and time 
  • Automate, centralize and manage different processes including PIM, ordering, provisioning and fulfillment for greater operational efficiency 
  • Get access to CloudBlue Catalog of 400+ products offered by 300+ vendors to extend your portfolio

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