What is CloudBlue Connect?

CloudBlue Connect is a supply automation platform that manages your products and services, contracts, ordering and fulfillment, usage and subscriptions. It supports any product, from physical goods to cloud products, as well as any channel, including your direct and indirect sales channels and internal procurement. With its flexible APIs, it can connect to any commerce platform.

Vendors can leverage CloudBlue Connect to:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership for homegrown technology supporting their indirect channel
  • Standardize integrations with partners
  • Increase efficiencies and minimize redundancies by bridging their direct and indirect sales channels

Service providers can use CloudBlue Connect to:

  • Define, manage and distribute any type of product (omni-product) through any channel (omni-channel)
  • Transform perpetual licensed products into a subscription model
  • Onboard new products into their portfolio quickly to build and deliver unique solutions to end customers
  • Omni-product
  • Multichannel Distribution
  • Commerce agnostic
  • Product catalog management

What makes CloudBlue Connect different?

Build technology, SaaS, physical goods and XaaS products by creating their SKUs with a billing model of your choice (one-time, recurring, pay as you go) for distribution.

Distribute your catalog through your direct or indirect sales channels and manage internal procurement from one platform.

Integrate CloudBlue Connect with any commerce system, including your own, third-party or CloudBlue Commerce.

Manage your catalog of products and add products from the CloudBlue ecosystem from one location.

Access platform-rich features

Product definition

Create multiple plans and offerings for each product as well as define additional pieces of information that are required to complete a purchase request.

Ordering and fulfillment

Manage fulfillment and ordering from a single portal with full automation capability via APIs.

Customized listings

Define and manage product listings with your partners. Determine your products’ MSRP, add-ons, and upgrade or downgrade paths.

Digital contracts

Easily review and electronically sign standardized distribution agreements right from your portal.

Subscription management

Configure CloudBlue Connect for basic subscription management.


Upload usage reports for consumption-based or pay-as-you-go priced products directly from the UI or automated via APIs. View and export fulfillment history and product details.

Fast-track your success with CloudBlue Connect

Scale your market reach by joining the CloudBlue Connect ecosystem of service providers.

Grow your products and services portfolio by onboarding new vendors from our extensive catalog.

Manage your end-to-end supply chain of products and services more quickly and efficiently.