What is CloudBlue Connect?

CloudBlue Connect is the only supply automation platform that spans the contract lifecycle, product information, fulfillment, and usage management, while supporting both traditional and recurring digital products and services.

Whether you’re a vendor that wants to distribute your offerings or a service provider that’s ready to expand your cloud portfolio, CloudBlue Connect connects you with the world’s largest ecosystem of market-ready solutions.

As a vendor, you can use this platform to access the largest ecosystem of service providers willing to distribute your products and services.

Or, if you’re struggling to expand your cloud portfolio because your time-to-market is too slow, CloudBlue Connect can help you onboard new vendors in days.

CloudBlue Connect connects both vendor and service providers to create the largest ecosystem of market-ready solutions.

What makes CloudBlue Connect different?

If you’re a vendor, you can quickly onboard your products and services so thousands of distributors and resellers can sell them to their end customers—all while you easily manage your orders, fulfillment and consumption.

If you’re a service provider, you can access a catalog of hundreds of ready-to-sell solutions, and onboard your own products and services in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible.

CloudBlue Connect gives you a crystal-clear view of the entire supply chain, from product/service management and contract agreements to fulfillment requests, reporting and reconciliation.

With CloudBlue Connect, you’ll find it easy to reduce your time-to-market from weeks or months to just days.

  • Vendor
  • Solution provider
  • Supply chain
  • Time-to-market

Access platform-rich features


Be part of or access an extensive catalog of market-ready products and services.


Manage order requests coming from any platform like CloudBlue Commerce, and track order status in real time.


Process order fulfillment with any vendor or internal service provider system to automate the provisioning of products or services.

Contract management

Review, update and electronically sign programs, reseller or distribution agreements between vendors and service providers.

Extensive integration

Use an extensive set of APIs to enable integration with any external system, like CRMs, ERPs, commerce, provisioning or support platforms.


Generate reports to reconcile fulfillment requests and provisioning statuses between vendors and service providers to complete the commerce and delivery process.

Fast-track your success with CloudBlue Connect

Scale your market reach by joining the CloudBlue Connect ecosystem of service providers.

Grow your products and services portfolio by onboarding new vendors from our extensive catalog.

Manage your end-to-end supply chain of products and services more quickly and efficiently.