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Innovating Technology & Delivering Results

Innovating Technology & Delivering Results

CloudBlue puts creativity, agility and resourcefulness to work for your business. We’re committed to creating successful outcomes and an optimal customer experience.

Embracing Change & Being Courageous

Embracing Change & Being Courageous

CloudBlue is well-equipped to handle the never-ending shifts in the world of technology, and we are never afraid of going out on limb to find new and better ways of doing business.

Staying Accountable & Maintaining Integrity

Staying Accountable & Maintaining Integrity

CloudBlue takes complete responsibility for saying what we do and doing what we say. We embody the highest ethical standards, led by honesty, fairness and dignity.

Our history
Ingram Micro launched Ingram Micro Cloud

As traditional distribution was shifting to the cloud, IM launched a Cloud division to capture the growing cloud reseller industry. IMC worked through 2013 to onboard new cloud vendors and provide multi-tier distribution to resellers.

As success and growth continued, we faced new challenges; the first was gaining the expertise to host our own data center.

Our history
Ingram Micro Cloud acquired SoftCom

SoftCom was a hosting service based in Toronto, Canada that had been providing cloud services for 6 years. IMC initially contracted their technology services to Softcom to bring cloud services—such as email, web hosting, cloud infrastructure and customer support—to market.

IMC wanted more control and decided to acquire SoftCom. Managing the platform in our own dedicated environment with our own IT organization helped us gain that control.

Our history
Ingram Micro Cloud acquired SoftCloudIT

SoftCloudIT was a System Integrator and APS package development firm based in Spain. They had been working with many partners to develop custom APS packages for vendors. IMC acquired SoftCloud to focus on developing connectors to support our platform. This allowed us to onboard more vendors and meet the demands of their reseller customers.

Now, IMC could manage the APS technology and develop a catalog to be more autonomous. This team has since expanded to become IMC’s IT operations center and customer support center.

Our history
Ingram Micro Cloud acquired Odin

We acquired Odin to gain control and protect our investment. The automation platform was critical to our growth strategy and controlling the roadmap was key. Additionally, IMC had heavily invested in features specific to the channel in the prior 3 years and didn’t want competitors to access it, keeping us in the lead. This also opened new channels, as Odin had a large Service Provider and Telco footprint that could bring is additional opportunities.

IMC looked at other platforms similar to Odin and found only one that supported MSPs and Enterprises. To keep that technology away from competitors and open even more opportunities, IMC went after Ensim.

Our history
Ingram Micro Cloud acquired Ensim, Mamasu and Concerto

Ensim offered an end-to-end cloud management platform but also supported Enterprises with unique capabilities. They had a strong technology that included marketplace, enterprise catalog and connectors to Azure, AWS and VMware. This opened more opportunities for us in government and enterprise.

To provide a more diverse customer experience, IMC wanted to modernize the platform’s UI and interface. Mamasu allowed IMC to build our next-generation UX1 and provide a modern customer experience.

IMC acquired the assets of the Concerto platform from Flexiant, which was a multi-cloud management platform that we now call Multi-Cloud Orchestrator. Multi-Cloud Orchestrator enables customers to quickly spin up VM and manage deployments across multiple platforms.

Our history
CloudBlue was born!

CloudBlue became a new brand and a business unit of IM CloudBlue provides a hyperscale platform with hypergrowth products and services that allows you to launch and manage an omni-product, multi-tier and multi-channel marketplace. It’s the only technology that supports a true distribution motion.

IMC is one of CloudBlue’s largest and most successful customers.

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At CloudBlue, our culture is fueled by an entrepreneurial, startup spirit. Yet we also have access to big company resources to keep our business momentum going strong. Essentially, we enjoy the best of both worlds—and more importantly—so do our customers.

We value innovation, creativity, agility, resilience and more. And you can count on us to never lose sight of what matters most: integrity, dedication, transparency and diversity. Our dedication to these core principles helps us focus on the success of your business and our associates.


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