The program for vendors and cloud service providers to find best-fit partners and to focus on the right opportunities

CloudBlue Fast-Track is the community of engaged vendors presented in our exclusive Showroom format where you can discover the business value and opportunity for Cloud Service Providers.

Value for Vendors

Either if you’re taking your first steps in channel business or you have a clear strategy, business model, and capabilities, as a Vendor, you have an increasing challenge to showcase your value and relevance to Cloud Service Providers and deliver relevant go-to-market enablement. To stand out from the growing market of cloud solutions can be very demanding and take a lot of time.

With the CloudBlue Fast-Track, you will join the engaged community of Vendors where our footprint actively looks for thenext solution to include in their portfolios. You will also have the opportunity to be in front of the decision-makers showcasing the business opportunity with your solution. CloudBlue Fast-Track is not a listing of products with its features, it’s a community of Vendors presenting the value of their cloud solutions for a Cloud Service Provider from a business perspective.

Value for Cloud Service Providers

There are over 30K SaaS solutions on the journey to expand their channel business, and it’s increasing year over year.
They are all competing for a spot in the portfolios of leading cloud service providers globally. With this vendor proliferation, creating a winning portfolio with solutions that not only fulfill your end-customer needs but add actual value to them can be a monumental task.

The CloudBlue Fast-Track aims to help Cloud Service Providers navigate that uncertainty from a customer-centric and fully GTM enabled approach. Identify the vendors powered by CloudBlue Fast-Track, have an overview of their companies, explore their GTM Enablement content, validate that their target customer segment is compatible with yours, or get in contact with them to explore strategic partnerships to expand your portfolio smartly.

Explore the CloudBlue Fast-Track community and start
discovering the solutions for your next portfolio expansion

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