The program for Cloud Service Providers and Vendors to accelerate their joint time-to-market, grow sales, and provide great customer support

Acceleration Services provides go-to-market planning and Cloud/XaaS experienced, white-labelled, sales and support agents.

Go-to-market planning

The foundation of a successful partnership between Cloud Service Providers and Vendors is to have a strong joint go-to-market plan, including a “hero” value proposition, a sales and marketing plan, and an end-to-end buyer and customer journey.

Depending on the needs from the Cloud Service Providers and Vendors, CloudBlue can either provide strategic guidance for the development of a joint go-to-market plan or develop it on their behalf.

Assisted sales

One of the biggest roadblocks that Cloud Service Providers face to launch a multi-product Cloud/XaaS portfolio and expand it is sales readiness. Training existing sales teams currently selling non-Cloud/XaaS products, adjusting their compensation, and restructuring the sales organization can be a daunting task, which can take 6 or more months.

Therefore, having a Cloud/XaaS proficient sales team from the get-go, that can quickly adapt to the Cloud/XaaS products of your choice and can speak “your language” to your customers becomes a key differentiator and enabler of your Cloud/XaaS business.

Our experienced sales teams operate in a “plug & play” mode, becoming an extension of your sales organization. They can either “sell with” your existing sales team (acting as a “technical expert”) or “sell for” your sales teams (being handed qualified leads and closing the deals). This way, your sales team can start getting confident selling Cloud/XaaS, while also start seeing the benefits of it right in their pockets fast

Premium customer support

Another big roadblock that Cloud Service Providers face to launch a multi-product Cloud/XaaS portfolio and expand it is the readiness of their customer support organization. While you may have a fantastic support team for your core offerings, them learning Cloud/XaaS from scratch and/or growing their skillset at the pace you need can become a challenge. In addition, customer support is critical in Cloud/XaaS in order to ensure that customers who buy Cloud/XaaS start using it right after they bought it and have someone to go to if they need help. Otherwise, they’ll churn right away or drop you in the next possible change.

Due to that, having a Cloud/XaaS proficient customer support team that makes sure that your customers who bought
Cloud/XaaS get properly activated and enabled and have someone to rely on where something breaks becomes critical, while also creates a great opportunity for differentiation against your competition.

Our experienced support team also operate in a “plug & play” mode, becoming an extension of your support organization. They provide “welcome to service” support as well as “break/fix” support. In addition, they can also provide professional and managed services to support complex use cases (e.g. migrations, training, etc.) according to your needs.

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