Streamline your procurement cycle from vendor sourcing to service and products fulfillment

  • Gain visibility and control with a unified view of cloud subscriptions, spend and usage
  • Drive recurring revenue by adopting a unified cloud strategy
  • Accelerate product onboarding process by centralizing partner and vendor agreements
  • Reduce your customers’ shadow IT by building a centralized and curated catalog of preferred products and solutions
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6 things that make CloudBlue different


CloudBlue Catalog

Choose from 200+ pre-integrated market-leading 3rd party products. Access to 2 billion end-customers across the world.


Omni-product management

Add, bundle, and manage all the products in your portfolio from hardware, software to Anything as a service (XaaS) using a single platform.


Centralized platform

Using one single platform, manage vendors, suppliers, partners, and deliver a wide range of bundled offerings, both physical and digital.


Multi-channel, - subsidiary, -tier distribution

Set up and unify your catalog distribution through external, single or tiered channels or subsidiaries and manage internal procurement from one platform.


Subscription and billing management

Combine subscription-based services with your core offerings (consumables, electronic appliances, software, etc.). Support for flat-rate, tiered, pay-as-you-go or one-off billing models.


Tailored professional and managed go-to-market services

Let CloudBlue experts help you deploy and maximize CloudBlue technology for your business needs as well as create a successful catalog and go-to-market strategy.

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