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Thriving in a New Environment


IT Providers: Grow Faster as a Change Agent

Today, more than ever before, customers are looking for IT providers to become their trusted advisors by helping them navigate a constantly evolving environment. They’re seeking guidance and support, including strategic insights and technology recommendations.

This creates an opportunity for solution providers to step into a new role—that of a change agent—to assist their customers in adapting and making the right choices needed to achieve greater success in a time of uncertainty. In doing so, IT providers can elevate their own growth as they contribute to their customers’ wins.

Adapting your role in a new environment

Even prior to COVID-19, digital transformation entailed two interdependent races to readiness, each played out in recent years at ever-higher stakes. One of these was the race of businesses to ready themselves for the much-proclaimed future of work by digitizing their workflows and processes. The other race belonged to the IT providers attempting to help them achieve that transformation.

Once the pandemic arrived, the scramble to bring businesses online sped up  exponentially. In the blink of an eye, cloud became the infrastructure for defining and holding organizations and teams together. Consequently, cloud infrastructure investments are expected to surpass non-cloud infrastructure spending this year, accounting for 54.2% of overall IT infrastructure investments, according to IDC.

Shifting your approach to overcome challenges 

Having gravitated to the center of the IT sales ecosystem, the already expanding role of the IT provider has now taken on even greater importance. Indeed, the pandemic has reinforced and accelerated the centrality of resellers. But it has also amplified the challenges and market shifts resellers must face and address to continually deliver, integrate and maintain the most innovative solutions.

There are three critical trends shaping the market for businesses and, by extension, for resellers that revolve around the need to:

  • Efficiently and intelligently bundle myriad cloud business applications
  • Deliver flexible APIs capable of helping customers navigate the complexities of integrating and deploying aggregates of cloud solutions
  • Ensure distributed teams are safeguarded against heightened risks of shadow IT

Successful resellers must be able to draw on a continually expanding solutions portfolio, efficiently and intelligently bundling all sorts of business applications to fulfill those demands. Customers are looking to IT providers to be problem solvers—advisors uniquely capable of piecing together exactly the right multi-vendor cloud solution packages. The IT providers with whom they work must be able to rapidly—even immediately—expand their catalogs to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Finding solutions to accelerate your success

The challenge for IT providers to meet these expectations as demand for XaaS rises affords an immense opportunity to embrace and monetize new revenue streams by bundling multiple services into a single offering.

CloudBlue brings together omni-product portfolios to simplify this process and mitigate the threat of shadow IT. This allows IT providers to transact with vendors in CloudBlue Connect or to integrate new vendors with just a few clicks, ultimately facilitating additional bundling and cross-selling opportunities.

With CloudBlue Connect, IT providers can use one streamlined system to manage their go-to-market channels—direct and indirect—to support both traditional and recurring digital products and services.

Gain more insight at the CloudBlue Innovators Virtual Forum

In the wake of COVID-19 with global commerce dependent upon digital platforms that run on digital infrastructures, the need to quickly comprehend customers’ changing needs has become even more imperative.

We’ll go deeper into the strategies and tools that IT providers can use to elevate their roles and power their cloud practices to greater success in the subscription economy at the CloudBlue Innovators Virtual Forum, set for October 12-14, 2020. Learn more and register for free today.

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