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The Adobe VIP (Value Incentive Plan) Marketplace is a game-changer for businesses. It’s an API (Application Program Interface) program that empowers enterprises to purchase, manage, resell, and deploy Adobe software licenses swiftly and seamlessly. The Marketplace offers benefits such as streamlined purchasing processes, unified license management, and versatile deployment options, simplifying software acquisition and management. 

The Marketplace also generates vast amounts of rapidly changing data and content based on user interactions. This data is invaluable, but managing and deciphering it poses a challenge. 

The answer? CloudBlue’s technology – Adobe Insights. Transforming data challenges into opportunities, it enables Adobe resellers to analyze complex, multi-channel data in real-time, making data-driven business decisions both achievable and effortless. 

In a world without Adobe Insights: The traditional challenges of Adobe reselling

Adobe resellers have long faced significant obstacles, including: 

  • limited access to crucial business information 
  • the manual, labor-intensive process of building reports and dashboards 
  • restricted visibility into sales data and revenue forecasts 

These issues typically lead to missed opportunities and a tedious and time-consuming process of tracking critical information.

How Adobe Insights pioneers advanced insights for Adobe VIP Marketplace

Adobe Insights addresses these persistent challenges, turning reselling hurdles into opportunities for growth and efficiency. More than just a tool, it’s a transformative platform for our CloudBlue partners.  

By eliminating “swivel-chair operations”—manual data transfer between different systems and applications—Adobe Insights offers Adobe resellers a new dimension of business intelligence, with direct visualization of their Adobe VIP Marketplace business in CloudBlue. 

Unique in the cloud industry, CloudBlue’s Adobe Insights provides a value-added service to enrich the Adobe VIP Marketplace program with sophisticated insights.

The data-driven edge: Adobe Insights’ key differentiating features

By harnessing the power of data, Adobe Insights redefines the way CloudBlue partners interact with their Adobe VIP Marketplace business. Its distinctive features equip partners with deep, actionable insights, driving well-informed, data-driven decisions. 

Let’s delve deeper into these differentiating features:

1. Adobe SKU Distribution. Adobe Insights takes the lead with its first key differentiating feature: Adobe SKU Distribution. This game-changing function allows CloudBlue partners to view the most provisioned Adobe VIP products across their customer base over a specified time frame. It offers valuable insights into product usage trends and a deeper understanding of product popularity.

2. Volume Discount Distribution. Adobe Insight’s second key differentiating feature, Volume Discount Distribution, enables CloudBlue partners to view the spread of discounts applied to deals within the Adobe VIP Marketplace discount tiers. Partners can set a specific timeframe for this chart, customizing it to their business’s needs.

3. Purchases vs. Transfers. With this third key differentiating feature, CloudBlue partners can compare Adobe’s net new business volume against transfers to the VIP Marketplace. Configuring the Purchases vs. Transfers chart to accommodate specific business needs adds extra flexibility.

4. Type Mix (Teams vs. Enterprise). Adobe Insight’s fourth key differentiating feature allows partners to categorize their customers based on business size or Adobe VIP marketplace business features, adjustable to individual insight/reporting needs.

5. Adobe VIP Marketplace Subscriptions. This fifth key differentiating feature enables CloudBlue partners to review their customers’ Adobe VIP Marketplace subscriptions within CloudBlue. This feature offers a complete overview of all Adobe products and licenses, with added flexibility for filtering and data export options. This feature also allows our partners to apply filters by type of purchase (new vs. transfer) or Adobe discount level. An added bonus is the option to export the data into an Excel file format.

6. Seats Growth Over Time. This sixth key differentiating feature lets partners monitor their customers’ seat growth over a customizable period.

7. Request Distribution Over Time. Adobe Insight’s seventh key differentiating feature offers an extensive overview, allowing partners to view their customers’ Adobe VIP Marketplace subscription requests over chosen time frames.

8. Transactions Distribution by Time (Purchases vs. Transfers). With its eighth key differentiating feature, Adobe Insights provides a comprehensive comparison, enabling partners to compare recent sales with transfers from the VIP Program.

9. Transfers Revenue Forecast. This ninth key differentiating feature allows partners to project potential revenue from Adobe VIP Marketplace transfers when customers renew or are renewing their subscriptions in CloudBlue.

Stay tuned for more CloudBlue innovation

Innovation is at the core of CloudBlue, driving our efforts to constantly improve and expand our offerings to ensure our CloudBlue partners have the tools they need to excel. Our teams are continuing to develop many new features, including additional Adobe Insights enhancements.  

Stay tuned to our Feature Highlights series for the latest CloudBlue updates.


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