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Enterprise ITSM Best Practices for the Win


Enterprise ITSM Best Practices for the Win

As a service provider, you’re keenly aware that your success is tied to that of the companies you serve. Your enterprise customers need to provide a host of solutions to their employees and, increasingly, many non-IT professionals who are purchasing technology solutions on a regular basis.

Your customers need to confirm these technologies are being deployed only after being vetted by IT to ensure security and control costs. To that end, there are some best practices you can share with your customers to help them streamline their IT service management (ITSM) and avoid a growing challenge—shadow IT.

Give enterprise employees easy and safe procurement

Today’s corporate employees are looking for the ability to browse an internal marketplace of applications and quickly find the ones they need to do their jobs better. They want this process to be as easy as buying an app in their private lives and expect the same experience from their employer. At the same time, procurement departments need an easy way to acquire solutions, whether they purchase them directly from vendors or through a third party such as a distributor or service provider.

CloudBlue technology simplifies procurement for enterprise ITSM by automating your customers’ vendor management capabilities. With CloudBlue platforms and products, IT professionals will find an easy way to:

  • Connect their systems with new vendors
  • Define product catalogs
  • Choose what products to purchase
  • Provision new services or assets
  • Fulfill service requests

Integrating your customers’ ITSM with CloudBlue technology helps you deliver a consolidated view of overall spending by business unit, department, cost center and employee so enterprises can track against available budgets. Enterprises can also feed their IT configuration management databases (CMDBs) with near real-time information about the services used by each employee and department as well as usage metrics for financial accountability and transparency.

Help customers eliminate redundancy and enhance safety

When it comes to safety, shadow IT provides a significant threat in the area of procurement to the success of a business. With enterprise employees often purchasing solutions without vetting from their IT procurement teams, software with vulnerabilities can open the door to security breaches and attacks. Another consideration is the cost of redundancy if employees purchase unnecessary solutions or the same solutions due to a lack of visibility.

CloudBlue technology delivers complete visibility to IT procurement managers, so they know and can control which cloud solutions are acquired by enterprise employees. While today’s onboarding of new solutions lacks agility and requires a lengthy process that may involve legacy systems, IT teams can build their portfolios in a controlled environment by adding in an IT control layer to avoid shadow IT and mitigate risks—starting with the reimagined approach from CloudBlue.

Access the CloudBlue ecosystem natively

With CloudBlue technology, enterprises can invite suppliers to onboard, publish and maintain their products and services on a self-service basis. Vendors can control and update their own content with validation and approval from the enterprise, customizing it to their customers’ unique needs.

Enterprises, MSPs and resellers can already access 120+ solutions from CloudBlue by integrating the CloudBlue Connect and CloudBlue Commence platforms with their native procurement modules, such as ServiceNow, Salesforce or Freshworks.

Connect your systems to CloudBlue for faster procurement

With greater connectivity, your customers will gain the ability to streamline purchasing processes by connecting their enterprise procurement systems with CloudBlue Connect or CloudBlue Commerce.

This is made possible with Zapier, an online automation tool that lets your customers browse the full vendor catalog from the CloudBlue ecosystem right from your own marketplace with zero development effort. By using this tool, your customers can quickly and easily access the solutions they need because all activities are centralized in a single place.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about CloudBlue Zapier apps and how you can start enjoying the benefits of uniting your systems with CloudBlue platforms, contact our team at

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