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Discover a Faster, Easier Way to Integrate Your Channel Distribution Systems

CloudBlue has always had a singular vision for CloudBlue Connect—and that’s to connect global independent software vendors (ISVs) with service providers (SPs) using a platform that helps ISVs to manage their products, subscriptions and channel. At the same time, our vision includes allowing service providers to help manage the vendors, marketplaces and subscriptions flowing through their commerce systems.

This is no easy feat since it creates a limitless network of SMBs, enterprise vendors and providers worldwide. A large part of this complexity is because most vendors and providers operate with different systems in their business and technical operations: homegrown or best-of-breed, off-the-shelf software.

Managing disparate systems creates complexity

When you’re working with the sheer number of vendors and providers that CloudBlue Connect works with, you’re bound to run into situations where the vendors and providers use a system that’s different than what might be common in the industry. For example, this could be a “homegrown” provisioning system or commerce system that the company has developed or they may have “repurposed” off-the-shelf software for an unintended use.

In years past, anything homegrown or repurposed has usually created a cautious reaction, simply because many of these systems do not follow the normal industry conventions, causing ongoing headaches for technical teams worldwide.

Simplifying system management with seamless integrations

We’ve seen this situation with potential CloudBlue Connect customers—and we’re proud to announce that we now have an available connection with Flowgear—an enterprise-grade platform that enables companies of any size to boost productivity and profitability through pre-built, reusable integrations and APIs. In short, the Flowgear connection helps customers of CloudBlue Connect—both vendors and providers—easily create integrations with the CloudBlue Connect platform and the pre-built connectors and integrations supported in the Flowgear ecosystem.

Whether you have ConnectWise, FreshBooks, Magento or any other industry-leading software, the CloudBlue Connect Flowgear extension allows you to easily create the integration via user interface with minimal resources needed—which is significantly less than a typical integration project. As a result, both vendors and providers can commit a minimal amount of resources to help build this pre-existing connection integration between the two platforms.

Reducing resource investment and time to market

Without getting too much into the weeds (although if you wish to, check out this article), CloudBlue has partnered with Flowgear and is using the CloudBlue Connect Flowgear extension to facilitate the following:

  • Custom token creation within the CloudBue Connect Provider Portal for the Flowgear connector
  • Dedicated CloudBlue Connect connector on the Flowgear ecosystem with preconfigured definitions
  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface to create your desired integration scenario, such as fulfillment requests and subscription management

In fact, Martin Constante from our CloudBlue team has created this easy-to-follow demonstration of the end-to-end integration with CloudBlue Connect and the Flowgear CloudBlue Connect connector.

This new capability makes it possible for users to quickly and easily create an integration between CloudBlue Connect and their existing business or technical platform to manage different channel fulfillment scenarios. As a result, ISVs and providers can reduce resource investment and time to market while still accessing the full power of both platforms.

Find out how to get started with Flowgear

If you’re ready to learn more, you’re invited to join a CloudBlue webinar with Flowgear Founder and Managing Director Daniel Chilcott – Creating Seamless and Easy Processes with CloudBlue Connect – on August 18, 2020. We’ll discuss CloudBlue Connect, Flowgear and how the Flowgear CloudBlue Connect connector can help your business quickly and seamlessly integrate different systems and CloudBlue Connect with a minimal investment.

For more information, visit the CloudBlue community page and the Flowgear CloudBlue Connect connector page. If you have questions, contact us at