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If you’re pursuing the Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) certification for the first time or going through the recertification process, it’s important to keep in mind that the requirements are becoming increasingly demanding.

Thankfully, there’s CloudBlue—a cutting-edge cloud platform that has the power to meet the program’s technology criterion right out of the box—now and in the future.

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A roadmap to future-proofing your managed services practice

Today, we’re seeing a shift in the industry where the need for a dedicated staff to handle break-fix operations and software updates to IT systems is fundamentally changing. In fact, according to IDC, out of the top three managed cloud services (MCS) markets, managed public cloud services led the pack in terms of fastest growth.

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Tech for Azure MSP experts?

CloudBlue helps your cloud practice meet the technology requirements for the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP certification by:

Customizing your MSP-branded storefront. Gain access to a marketplace that you can white label and use to showcase your cloud products and services catalog.

Automating deployment and orchestration tools. Get the ease of using a single-pane workbench to automate your deployment of infrastructure resources and to support CI/CD.

Creating multi-tier identity and access management controls. Bring on system functionalities to help you protect users’ identities and manage accessibility.

Providing cloud consumption metering and billing capabilities. Make it easy for your cloud practice to monitor and track consumption for pay-as-you-go (PAYG) cloud resources with automation.

Elevate your CMP

Bring on CloudBlue, one of the world’s most powerful cloud management platforms (CMPs), to instantly meet the Azure certification requirements—without any modifications or additions. CloudBlue offers three major modules:

CloudBlue Connect provides a single, centralized management console for managing the offer and delivery of Azure and an entire ecosystem of additional cloud services.

CloudBlue Commerce seamlessly provides anything-as-a-service (XaaS) solutions with a scalable and secure carrier-grade digital commerce platform.

CloudBlue Orchestrator helps rapidly deploy infrastructure solutions with a single management tool to enable flexible access to public/private clouds and instant workloads.

Each CloudBlue platform and module work together to make it possible for you to offer cloud services in a fast and effortless manner.


Gain global recognition

Becoming certified as an Azure Expert MSP is an objective confirmation of your company’s status as a top worldwide provider of value-added services to Azure customers. This premier industry designation offers three key benefits:

  • Exclusive differentiation – set your business apart from the competition
  • Customer engagement – reach more customers through greater visibility as a top provider
  • Sales and business development – gain access to exclusive enablement tools from Microsoft

Still, the path to certification is a challenging one. Many companies fail to achieve Azure Expert MSP certification because they lack the necessary technology. However, Ingram Micro Cloud found it easy to satisfy the technology component of the certification process by leveraging CloudBlue’s robust CMP and advanced, automated tools.

Sharpen your edge with CloudBlue

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