“What is Partner & Channel Management and why do I need it?”

Channel and partner management is the method of entering into agreements with third parties to promote the products and services your business sells, to increase your revenue and profits. Your channel and partner management are vital in your go-to-market strategy – where you can exponentially expand your revenue growth potential.

So, how can CloudBlue help you? 

partner onboarding

Accelerate and streamline your partner onboarding

Unify your partner onboarding experience as you add more channel resellers across different countries with the CloudBlue platform.

channel resellers

Enable and empower your channel resellers at scale, globally

CloudBlue helps you to unify and centralize your partners’ sales enablement assets and tools, improving revenue for everyone.

multi-channel reseller networks

Grow your business revenue as you grow your sales channels

Globally expand your multi-channel reseller networks and reach more customers faster with CloudBlue.

Powering and partnering with industry leaders

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What integrated solutions does CloudBlue offer your XaaS business?

CloudBlue offers you a powerful platform to manage and grow your channel and partners, giving resellers more control, white labeled storefronts, and exclusive access to the CloudBlue Catalog.


Grow your resellers and help them expand their customer bases

CloudBlue helps your resellers improve brand recognition and grow revenue with white labeled storefronts to sell their products via a custom end-to-end digital experience, from fulfillment to billing consolidation, invoicing, and beyond.

reseller marketplaces

reseller catalog


Give your resellers ultimate flexibility to pick products that fit their business

With CloudBlue your resellers can pick the products they want to list on their storefront from your catalog – alongside complementary co-sell products from the CloudBlue Catalog, easily.


Help your resellers manage and enable their extended network of resellers

Grow your resellers’ capabilities to market your products and services to their end-customers with minimal marketing investments, by using the CloudBlue platform to offer prebuilt marketing campaigns.

reseller management

key product features


Transform your resellers to become advocates for your products

Support your resellers in training their field sales reps with your key product features and value propositions thanks to CloudBlue’s enterprise level product information management tools.


Give your sales channels control with the marketing expertise they need

Grow your resellers’ the capabilities to market your products and services to their end-customers with minimal marketing investments by using the CloudBlue platform to offer prebuilt marketing campaigns.

automation tools


Want to learn more about how CloudBlue helps companies around the world?

CloudBlue is a hyperscale platform with hypergrowth products and services – and access to a hyperconnected ecosystem of 200+ top-selling vendors, 200+ leading brands and over 80,000 partners globally.

Read on to find out about how CloudBlue can help your XaaS business thrive in an ever-changing economy and see where our solutions can drive your growth.

Subscription and Billing Management

Subscription & Billing Management

Scale enablement for direct and indirect channels.

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Partner and Channel Management

Partner & Channel Management

Launch a multi-channel marketplace.

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Vendor and Product management

Vendor & Product management

Automate multi-channel distribution.

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