Product Lifecycle Policy


This document defines CloudBlue’s lifecycle policies for any platform product (not incl. PaaS) released and supported by CloudBlue unless overwritten by a specific product or release.

Version Methodology

Every version is defined by 2-3 digits X.Y.Z where Z is optional (e.g. 8.0, 11.5 or 11.5.1). Releases with a change in the first digit X are major releases (e.g. 8.0 or 10.0), releases with a change in the secondary digit Y are minor releases (e.g. 8.1, 8.2, 8.3), releases with a third digit are updates. The last minor release of each major release is defined as an LTS (long term support) release and will receive longer maintenance than other releases, to ensure that partners who prefer to upgrade less frequently can remain on LTS releases.

Product Lifecycle

The product lifecycle consists of four major phases: Sales Phase (GA), Maintenance Phase, Limited Support Phase, and End of Life. A regular release of the platform has a standard support span (all phases until end of life) of 1 year, an LTS release of the platform has around 2 years of support.

Generally Available (GA) or Sales Phase

The Sales Phase begins when a product first becomes available for purchase, also known as General Availability (GA). General Availability for a new product version occurs when it is released to IT Operations team. During this phase, CloudBlue Technical Services offers a wide range of services to assist customers with the planning, design, implementation, and management of the product. Incident management is also available during the Sales Phase. When an incident is discovered that affects our customers, CloudBlue works diligently to provide a software hotfix or update to resolve the defect. The Sales Phase ends and the version transitions into the “Maintenance Phase” when the next product version is shipped (GA).

End of Sales (EOS) or Maintenance Phase

A product enters the Maintenance Phase at the End of Sales Phase, also known as End of Sales (EOS). During this phase, CloudBlue Technical Services offers full support in the areas of planning, design, implementation and management. In the Maintenance phase CloudBlue provides one or more Hotfixes to resolve the critical defects only and to partners with an active support agreement. The hotfixes may be customer specific. Non-critical defects or feature requests may be fixed on a T&M basis. End of Maintenance phase marks the beginning of the Limited Support phase, CloudBlue defines a strict timeline for the maintenance phase. For regular releases the maintenance phase is 3 months and for LTS releases it is extended to 9 months.

End of Maintenance (EOM) or Limited Support Phase

A product enters the Limited Support Phase at the end of the Maintenance Phase. CloudBlue stops fixing product defects, releasing new software updates, and no longer performs product testing during this phase. Hotfixes for Critical Security issues may still be released. CloudBlue Technical services will help customers, with an active support contract, resolve their problems by recommending solutions and previously released patches and updates that have worked for other customers with similar problems. If a problem cannot be fixed using the recommendations, then customers should consider upgrading to the current GA version of the product. The end of limited support phase marks the end of life of a product, the limited support phase ends after 3 months for both regular and LTS releases.

End of Life (EOL)

A product is at End of Life at the end of the Limited Support Phase. CloudBlue Technical Services has no responsibility for an end of life product; however; at CloudBlue’s discretion, CloudBlue may refer a customer to previous patches, updates, or knowledge base articles. Extended support for an EOL product is available with a contractual agreement on individual customer basis.

Example of lifecycle for multiple releases

Example of lifecycle for multiple releases

Service Levels by Phase

Service level   Sales Phase   Maintenance Phase   Limited Support Phase  
Functional Updates & Patches


  Available   Only Critical Impact1   Not available3  
Security Patches   Available   Available   Only Critical impact1  
Technical Support Assistance via tickets and phone support   Available   Available   Available  
Support Requests Prioritization






Not available3


Support commitment to SLA   Yes

Per support contract


Per support contract

R&D assistance for troubleshooting of complex cases   Available   Available   Not available  
Free/Self-Service Resources (KB, documentation)   Available   Available   Available  
Upgrade Assistance   Available3   Available3   Paid Project2  

1 – CloudBlue determines impact of security issues and may backport them to all supported releases if deemed critical enough.
2 – Contact your Account Manager and (or) Technical Account Manager to discuss upgrade project to the latest version.
3 – All tickets are opened with severity 3 only.