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XaaS the Mic: Special Edition with Sanjib Sahoo and Uddhav Gupta


Episode Summary

In this episode of XaaS the Mic, our host Ben Hewison talks to Sanjib Sahoo, EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Ingram Micro, and Uddhav Gupta, President, CloudBlue, live from Ingram Micro’s Global Cloud and Innovation Summit in Las Vegas.  

Sanjib, Uddhav, and Ben discuss the importance of a culture of innovation and the concept of thinking like a ‘Chief Value Officer’. They delve into the experience economy and why it’s crucial for businesses to focus on delivering value rather than just launching products or services. They also look at why Sunday night is so different from Monday morning. Here’s a quick run-through of the topics they covered:  

How is your Digital Fitness? 

Sanjib and Uddhav introduce the concept of ‘Digital Fitness’, likening it to physical fitness. Just as physical fitness requires a lifestyle change and ongoing commitment, so does digital fitness. It’s about a mindset change and continuous digital transformation, not just about technology. 

Be your own Chief Value Officer 

Sanjib emphasizes the need for everyone in an organization to think like a ‘Chief Value Officer’. This means focusing on delivering value in every aspect of the organization, from business operations to engineering. 

Moving Beyond Transaction 

The panel discusses the shift from transactional to interactional relationships with customers. They highlight the importance of creating memorable experiences to foster customer loyalty and stickiness. 

Why the Subscription Economy? 

The conversation touches on the rise of the subscription economy and the importance of recurring revenue (ARR) as a measure of success. They discuss the predictability and trust that comes with ARR and how it ties to business outcomes. 

Tips for Improving Digital Fitness 

Sanjib and Uddhav share tips for improving your digital fitness, including connecting with people, disrupting thought processes, and continuously transforming. They also recommend assessing your organization’s readiness for digital transformation, learning from others, and executing on your plans. 

Listen to the full episode here.


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