New Agreement between CloudBlue and Wanget Inc. marks a milestone for Subscription Economy adoption in Japan


The new three-year agreement will allow Wanget Inc. to expand its subscription-based digital content studio ‘Video Plant’ to reach new Japanese and international audiences via CloudBlue’s SaaS Infrastructure, Marketplace, and Professional Services Automation tools. 

August 4, 2022, IRVINE, Calif. — CloudBlue, one of the world’s largest cloud marketplaces for the channel, announces the signing of a three-year agreement with Wanget Inc., which took place in Miami at Cloud Summit ‘22, an industry leading global conference for Cloud and IT professionals.  

CloudBlue and Wanget Sign Contract
CloudBlue Wanget Cloud Summit

The new agreement will allow Wanget to utilize CloudBlue’s powerful SaaS platform to grow its digital content distribution service Video Plant and capture more of the subscription economy by selling recurring SKUs to end customers in the Japanese market. In addition, CloudBlue will help handle backend billing, subscription management, multi-country management, marketplace, and fulfillment requirements. As a result, Wanget is expected to be able to transform its entire digital supply chain end-to-end and expand their video production platform into international markets like the United States.

“We are excited to team with an innovative brand like Wanget to help them scale their subscription-based video advertisement services in Japan and internationally. Japan is a key market for CloudBlue, and Wanget will play a key role in growing our ISV ecosystem in the country,” said YiLun Miao, Managing Director for the Asia Pacific and Japan at CloudBlue. “Adoption of B2B subscription models has been slower in Japan, unlike the quick uptake in many Western countries. Now, the tide seems to be turning as users in Japan are recognizing the many business benefits, including increased customer loyalty, more accurate forecasting, and better customer insights.” 

“Our mission is to provide the infrastructure that can produce, distribute, and manage the digital content that is needed as the world shifts digitally. As we endeavor to create a sustainable chain of success that empowers creators and stakeholders while brightening the world we live in, we are excited to see what the future will hold in this truly global relationship,” said Masaya Yoshizawa, Founder and CEO of Wanget, Inc. 

CloudBlue Wanget Contract

About CloudBlue 

CloudBlue provides customers with a white label marketplace and end-to-end capabilities to deliver products, solutions and services more effectively and efficiently on a global scale. Our advanced platform enables API-driven procurement, subscription billing, metering and upgrades via a single integrated platform providing a streamlined approach for vendors of all sizes. In addition to providing the technology platform powering the cloud businesses for many of the world’s foremost telecommunications companies, managed service providers, technology distributors and value-added resellers, our CloudBlue platform also powers our own Ingram Micro Cloud marketplace and is the foundation for building Ingram Micro Xvantage, the fully automated, intelligent and self-learning digital platform we are developing, which will provide a singular experience for our customers and partners to procure and consume technology. CloudBlue powers large cloud B2B marketplaces, which represent 30 million B2B cloud subscriptions. Learn more about CloudBlue at 

About Wanget Inc. 

Our Video-creation-as-a-service business division has been launched with the mission of “We inspire the world with digital infrastructure for producing digital creative content. Our purpose is to deliver all the business stakeholders’ spirit and passion to the market through our services.  With the funding we gain this time, we will establish the system(platform) that allows our clients to administrate and manage their video creation process in a very smooth manner.  Additionally, we would contribute to improving our service awareness by enhancing promotions and advisements of our business, as to provide “New challenges” and “Rewarding assignments” to existing and potential creators all over the world.  By activating our unique creator community all over the world, we aim to grow it into the world-best creator community by attracting those who are not yet joined it.  And with the endless talent enhancements we obtain, we would keep providing our services with the latest market trends worldwide and develop new services not limited to creative context but also with its management, optimization, etc. for our client to have sustainable services after the first delivery of our content. Learn more about Wanget Inc. at 株式会社Wanget 

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