Data Privacy / Sub-Processors


CloudBlue may need to use third-party sub-contractors or other Affiliates for the provision of the services. However, when using subcontractors, CloudBlue (i) carefully selects its service providers in order to perform service we commit to our clients. (ii) executes necessary agreements with such sub-contractors, and (iii) requests from its sub-contractors to comply with all applicable laws and requirements for the processing of personal data.

The sub-processors can be of 3 different types:

  • CloudBlue Affiliates,
  • Infrastructure providers,
  • Other third parties

Our list of affiliates is growing across the world to serve our clients in locations across the globe.

Another example are the infrastructure sub-processors who allow us to host SaaS solutions or to provide auxiliary services.

Last, but not least is the careful selection of third parties designated to protect our systems, and as a consequence our client’s data. For example, Google with reCAPTCHA helps protect websites from spam and abuse.

All the sub-processors listed below are not necessarily applicable to the processing of all our clients’ data, the specific list will depend on the scope of services we deliver to you.

Sub-Processors list:
There are several types of sub-processors for CloudBlue.

(i) Ingram Micro Inc. group entities affiliates of CloudBlue (“Affiliates”) that support, operate, deliver, and maintain the provision of CloudBlue services to you.

(ii) Third parties’ sub-processors that Ingram Micro or CloudBlue has contracted to provide different processing activities for specific CloudBlue services.

(iii) Infrastructure Providers: We leverage Microsoft Azure and/or AWS services as infrastructure providers, and such parties are third parties’ sub-processors of CloudBlue.

Legal NameSub-Processor typeLocationValue Proposition
Ingram Micro European Services S.L.U.AffiliateSpainTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Ingram Micro Malaysia Sdn BhdAffiliateMalaysiaTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Ingram Micro Pty LtdAffiliateAustraliaTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Ingram Micro Inc.AffiliateUSA, CanadaTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Ingram Micro Global Services B.V.AffiliateNetherlandsTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Ingram Micro GBS EOODAffiliateBulgariaTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Ingram Micro Inc.AffiliateMexicoTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Ingram Micro India Pvt LtdAffiliateIndiaTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Keenondots B.V.Affiliate of CloudBlueNetherlandsTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Microsoft Inc.InfrastructureNetherlands, USA, Australia, SingaporeAzure Infrastructure to host SaaS solutions
Atlassian Corporation PLCThird PartyNetherlandsLevel 3 Technical Support & Platform Engineering
Devtech LimitedThird PartySerbiaTechnical Support, Platform Ops & Maintenance
Freshworks, IncThird PartyUSATicketing system and Technical Support & Platform Engineering
Google, LLCThird PartyUSAreCAPTCHA, Analytics (if applicable)
Amazon Web Services, Inc.InfrastructureUSAAuxiliary services used by Connect similar to Simple Email Services from AWS.
LogsHero, LtdThird PartyUSAOptional service that provides customers logs and monitoring capabilities on the extensions they built with Connect’s DevOps module.